Thursday, April 10, 2008

"Be that Irresistable Guy that all women are dreaming of"

3 Things You Must Do to Keep a Woman Interested in You Forever - Are You Aware of This Yet?

Do you know the major reason for most breakups nowadays? Well it's basically when one or both of the partners lose interest in each other and move on. But isn't it really embarrassing when a woman loses interest in you and dumps you for the very next guy? Doesn't it feel like as if you are not good enough and gets you depressed every time you think about it? Well let's face the facts no one likes to face rejection. But how can you deal with it if the woman you are with loses interest in you after a while? Read on to discover some of the most mind blowing ways on how to keep a woman interested in you forever.

Be the leader always- No matter how much time it's been in your relationship always make sure that you have the leader spot in the relationship. You see some men simply take it all for granted and let the woman take over. When this situation arises the woman gets the courage to even dump the man after a while with the reason that he was not man enough to make decisions and be the leader in the relationship. Therefore it is good to listen to your partner but it's never recommended to give her the leader spot.

Make an effort- Yes this is something most men do not do after a while. They might try a lot at the initial stages of the relationship but with time they tend to mellow down and get a bit laid back. The moment you stop trying women stop trying with you too and they go out finding someone who would give them what they need.

Make her feel wanted- This is what every man must do in order to keep a woman interested in him. You see women lose interest after a while as they see the man they are with does not seem to be interested in them anymore and does not satisfy their emotions. Make her feel wanted and loved as much as possible.

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