Thursday, April 10, 2008

"4 Things You Can Do To Make It Easier to Get Your Ex Back"

Going through a breakup is pretty tough, especially when you're not content to sit there and let it BE a breakup. Getting through this time isn't easy...but trying to get your ex back is even harder, right? WRONG!

Yeah, I'm serious. It can actually be easier to get your ex back than to face the pain of being without him or her! All you have to do is go about it the right way, and these following four things can really help you do just that, even if a couple of them might not seem like they'd really be much help.

1) Get out of the house, and have some fun! Going out with friends in spite of troubles like this can really help your entire world, relaxing you and getting your life back on track. Even if you don't feel like it's even possible to have a good time at a time like this, do your best to have fun anyways!

What does this have to do with getting your ex back? Fair question, but it's relatively simple. Staying out there and keeping on the scene and in good form is a great way to show just how strong you builds a sense of admiration for you to be able to keep on living when so many let breakups cripple them. It'll get you attention, either from your ex or from other members of the opposite sex...which will get your ex's attention for sure.

2) Look back over your past relationships, focusing on the most recent. It may be painful or seem like it's no use, but you have to do this if you plan on actually getting back your ex effectively. You have to come up with a clear understanding of the things you did in your past relationships that helped cause them to fail. You can't get past your mistakes if you keep making them.

And don't just think I'm being hurtful without knowing your story. Your ex dumped you, that's all I need to know to reliably reason that somewhere down the line you did something, or didn't do something, that caused a fracture between you. Over time, that gap grew wider as you kept adding to it, and eventually it tore you completely apart. That's just the way it usually happens. Don't hate yourself for it turning out this way...just take care of the things you did, and never do them again. Doing this will not only give you a better chance of pulling off a reunion with your ex, it can help any and all future relationships to last better.

3) Don't let your physical appearance and hygiene slip. It's easy to stop caring much about how you look when you're heavily depressed due to a breakup, but it's not healthy in many ways to just let yourself go. If you work on staying in shape, however, it can help you a lot in getting a date...even a date with your ex.

4) Last but not least, my most important item of advice: leave your ex alone! Being up in your ex's face all the time is partially what caused him or her to leave you, most likely. Now that the pain of the breakup is on his or her shoulders too, any added tension or stress associated with you will drive your ex even further away, even to the point of being unreachable. Keep back until the point where you've made a lot of progress on your issues, and it becomes appropriate to make contact again.

Initiating contact once more should be a delicate process as well. Keep it as light and nonthreatening as possible, usually no more than a simple phone call or email. No relationship talk, just a friendly "how have you been?" is appropriate. It's not likely to cause a lot of suspicion or stress just to see how your ex is doing, and it's a point from which you can work up until you two are spending time with each other again.

When you get this far, you still need to watch how you move. Try to continue to keep it as nonthreatening as possible. Honestly, at this point all you're really concerned with is showing how much you've worked on making yourself a better person, and having a good time with your ex. Do things the pair of you always enjoyed, as they'll help to revive fond memories. Enough good time together and your ex should start to understand that the breakup wasn't necessarily the best idea, and he or she will likely work on fixing that particular mistake him or herself.

No two people are exactly the same, so your relationship could easily be an exception to the rule, but for the vast majority of broken-hearted people out there, these tips will help you get your ex back easier than you never thought it could be. All it takes is a little effort, and you should be happily with your ex in no time!

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