Monday, April 7, 2008


In every FRIENDSHIP or RELATIONSHIP with our love ones, friends, or to other people there are times when we are let down, disappointed, or HURT. Most likely there are also times when we ourselves cause disappointment or hurt to our love ones or friends.

Wt. hen this happens, how do we react or respond? Who do we turn to? Look at the friendship chart.


justice gentleness

patience sense of humor forgiveness

Do you think the key friendship words in the chart reflect realistically the real meaning of friendship? Human beings have the capacity for a full human interaction with one another. At certain times, we inflict pain on other people or even to our love ones or friends. But we also have the capacity and inclination to be just, loving and forgiving.

Forgiving those who do us harm give us a most rewarding feeling of peace. However, we must also be firm in seeing that there is justice in every relationship that no one is taken advantage of or abused.

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