Thursday, April 10, 2008


A mother's love

A mother loves her child
more than the world
she laughs with her
and cries with her

She keeps her warm if its cold
she keeps the baby,
close to herself
she never leaves the child alone
she doesn't care much even for herself

She feeds the baby
and bathes her too
she cleans up after her
and never complains

She feels proud of her baby
and claps at her antics
she feels delighted
as the baby grows up

And then............. something changes
as the baby grows up

The mother treats her like the same baby
and the baby wants to be an adult

And one day........... the adult leaves home
never to return to her mother

Never to eat food from her mother's hands
never to sleep with her mother all snuggled up
never to laugh with her or cry with her
never to see her wrinkling face or greying hair

The mother lives on
crying and praying for her baby
just wanting to see her once before she dies....

In the meanwhile,
the adult has her own family
and her own "baby"

she cries with her......

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