Thursday, April 10, 2008

"Ways To Seduce a Man Easy"

10 Powerful Techniques Any Woman Can Use To Seduce A Handsome Man

You have spotted the man of your dreams, or at least the man you want to dream about for a little while. Now, how do you get him to be all yours now that you have gone out with him a few times?

Here are ten powerful techniques you can use to seduce him so that he becomes all yours.

-Wear something a little revealing. Showcase your sexiest physical attributes. If you do it tastefully, you will have him drooling in no time.

-Do not throw yourself at him. Now, do not play completely hard to get, either, just make him think you are not going to be an easy prey.

-Cook him dinner. That old saying about the way to the heart of a man is through his stomach has not been repeated all these years because it sounds funny — it really is true.

-Speak to him with your eyes. Just give him your best I want you to ravish me look as you slowly walk by him to go to your bedroom. Chances are he will chase you down and grab you before you take three more steps.

-Give him a back rub. As you work your way down, lightly kiss the back of his neck or shoulders. Keep up the sensual touching until you have turned him into melted chocolate.

-When you talk to him, lightly touch his hair, shoulder, knee, chest, or if you are daring, lightly kiss his ear. All of these areas can be erogenous zones.

-Look him straight in the eye and tell him you want him. While the direct approach might not work with every man, with some, you will have them ready to do anything for you.

-Lean in close and whisper one of your favorite fantasies in his ear. Not only will this get him imaging things, it will also give you the chance to get him screaming for your love.

-Get some melted chocolate or whipped cream for dessert, then accidentally get some on his cheek. Kiss it off.

-Finally, create a romantic mood to die for. Light some candles, put on some nice soft music, and pull him in for a dance and a kiss. Nothing fancy, nothing showy — just you and him.

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