Monday, April 7, 2008

"What is LOVE?"

What Is Love?

There are so many definitions of the word LOVE.
But what does it really mean? When I think of love, I think of selfish less love. Love does not ask questions, it does not demand anything. Love is not about taking or claiming, it is about the act of giving and receiving. Yes receiving also! When you are able to love, you are able to give, without needing anything in return. Like the time you see an adorable person that you just want to hug. Something or someone touches your heart, it moves you and you feel like time stops for a split second an all you feel is love, an overwhelming warm feeling. It could be someone you live with or someone you don't even know. For a split second, time doesn’t count, only love does. And you feel the urge to give, freely and with all your heart. Love does not separate color, background, looks and all other superficial marks. Love goes beyond what you see. It is even more than understanding, it is a knowing, a deep feeling of connection. I hardly ever speak of love, except when the deep feeling comes up to the surface in a moment when I feel touched. I can get touched by so many things: a bird singing while the sun sets, a horse running through the meadow, my someone who I thought of kissing me even if I didn't know that person yet, my neighbors kid smiling at me and so on. At those moments I do not feel the need to send a card or a gift or anything superficial (like Valentine is all about) but it still overwhelms me and sometimes I feel the urge to hug that person or to stop what I am doing to fully enjoy the feeling of amazement. The other part of love is the grace of acceptance. To be able to love, one has to be able to love one self. And if you can love yourself, you understand the gift of love others want to give you. If a child comes up to me, gives me a hug and tells me he/she loves me, I thank that child with all my heart, for that gift is the greatest one of life. I then feel thankful for the love that comes to me and I willingly accept it. Some people say "I love you" as easy as they curse, but true gifts of love you can feel with your being. There are no words to describe how it feels when you receive genuine love, but you sure will feel the difference. And if someone gives you love, then time stops for a split second again. You feel a connection that rises above all you know, hear, see or feel.

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