Thursday, July 3, 2008

"Hold My Hand Forever"

My Baby , My All

Words are never enough to tell you how much i love you & how much i appreciate all the things you have done for me.I really don't care if you are my destiny.I really even don't care if you are my soulmate.All i care is i wanna be with you for the rest of my life.I don't need you bec. of what you can offer.I don't need you bec. you are the man of my dreams.I need you bec. i love you & there is no one can replace you in my heart.I can never hate you more than i love you.

For You Are Perfect , Nothing has changed since the first day i fall in love with you.

You are still the man that i respect.I love you,I love you so much.

You inspire me in everyway, you really never stop to amazed me.(I know you had said this line to me but it's true)You are special.In every way,In every part.

I love your eyes,your nose,your are the most gorgeous guy that i had ever met.

I love your voice , I love the way you move , I love the way you think...I never thought that i could meet someone like you.But what i really appreciate is that you accepted me for who i am.

You believed in me , You have let me feel that I am special.

Thank you so much for everything &
If you would want me in your life I'll go with you w/o a doubt.

You are my AIR!

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