Thursday, July 3, 2008

"Having A Relationship"


In relationships you will find someone you really like and then you start going out and you get to know them better and as the months pass you think will this one last and then eventually you tell each other how much your in love but you don't know how to say it to them. love is a great thing when you find the right person youve been looking for all these years its great when you spend time and have a laugh with each other because your getting to know that person a little bit more than you did when you first met. most of the time you can just sit and talk to them about anything it dunt matter what it is you will just have long conversations with each other and they can go on for hours.

Some people are scared of starting a new relationship because maybe they have got hurt in the past by the people they thought they loved but they just go and hurt there feelings thats why if they are really nervous you just have to give them time to get used to goin out eith someone new and be there for them if they need you the most cus some relationships end in very bad ways and no one wants to go through what some people have its not a nice thing so just accept what they need before rushing into anything that you might regret after.

Some people are scared of what others will think of them if they have something wrong with them some people go to far with things like that they should keep there opinions to there self instead of hurting other peoples feelings.But some people say its doesnt matter what they look like is wht there personality is like or maybe some people go for both but you have to accept them and be there if they need you cus some people get bullied through there lives and it isnt nice for the people that want to move on from the past they have feeling and want to find some one aswell so keep your opinions to your self.

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