Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Don't you think the world went and got way too complicated? Just think about it.

Five or more days of the week we all have to work at a job that we may not particularly enjoy. We have to pay taxes, save for retirement, and abide by countless laws. Because of the way humanity has been structuring the world, we need to do this for our survival. The complication of the world has affected the things we most value, our freedom and overall happiness in life.

Everyday new fashion and technological advancements are introduced to us. They are then integrated into our lives and presented to us in a way that boosts our desire for them. Many people feel that as long as we are moving forward in technology it is a good thing, however, few ever question the necessity of these things in our lives.

If we have been living without many of these things for such a long time, why do we suddenly must have the latest item on the market?

Stuck in a state of materialism and consumerism, many people don't realize their desire for these things have been limiting their freedom. It takes money to obtain all the material things that we want, and so we have to give up much of our free time by working for someone to earn it.

The sad part about all of this is that we often spend most of our time trying to obtain and maintain these material things than we actually do enjoying them. We unconsciously become slaves to the very material objects we are striving to acquire. This leads to all sorts of unhappiness and stress that can shorten lives.

But what is the root cause of the materialism, consumerism and parasitism that is complicating our world? I believe it is the great desire for money and the practice of extreme capitalism. While money serves as a means of exchange, the increased want for it is what leads to the various methods humans have created for obtaining it.

This results to capitalizing on everything imaginable, including people's lives. These two elements have even complicated simple aspects of our lives such as love relationships. Nowadays you can't have romance without finance.

Now because our world has been complicated in so many ways, it is very difficult for a person to separate him or herself from it all if he or she wishes to do so. There are several basic physiological and safety needs that must be satisfied by having a home, food on your plate, and clothes on your back.

Due to the use of money and practice of capitalism these things are not easy to obtain and we are forced to participate in a system that has diminished our quality of life on several different planes. If humanity did not complicate the world so much, we would be able to live simpler lives filled with a greater level of happiness than we presently experience.

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