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The Most Beautiful Jewels - Custom Jewels

Rare metals and gemstones together with a pleasant design and quality crafting are the best ingredients for the creation of the perfect piece of jewellery. Every beautiful precious stone can become a beautiful jewel if crafted right. If you want to create a custom designed jewel, so that you can choose the metal and the gemstone that make the perfect piece of jewellery for you, you should take some things into consideration.

First of all, ask for an expert gemologist's advice in this matter. He can share precious tips and tricks with you and most important he can help you evaluate the stone's value and authenticity, because these days the market is full of stones that claim to be genuine but in fact don't worth anything. It would be perfect if the expert knows you as a friend, and he knows your tastes, because this will help him choose and design the jewellery that fits you best.
Make sure that the stone that you have chosen will be complementary to the jewel's design. The form and color of the metallic part must be attuned with the gemstone. Some people prefer to incorporate, instead of a precious stone, a picture of their loved one. Pictures are usually incorporated in pendants or brooches.

If you really want your custom-designed gemstone to be very special you can purchase one of the rarest stones available on the market, like a violet sapphire for example, which is only found in a few rare places in Tanzania. There are many gemstones available, so there are many colors and textures that you can choose from. Do not rush, make sure that you look at a large number of stones for your jewellery, because there are infinite possibilities in front of you when creating custom jewellery. Invest plenty of time in the search for the stone and design, because this search will be rewarded with a perfect jewel for you! If you want to order a custom piece of jewellery as a present for your significant other's birthday for example, start searching at least a month before the birthday.

Nowadays custom bracelets are very fashionable. They can be found in many shops. A custom bracelet is a special bracelet that has your own name imprinted on it. They are perfect at familiar birthday parties as a reminder from the person who organized the party. Custom bracelets are also used by charitable organizations in order to increase the popularity of their events. Between the letters that spell your nme various stones can be placed, making some of the custom bracelets very beautiful and full of taste, they can even be considered artistic.

You may consider antique, or even other culture's jewels a source of inspiration for your custom design. If everything will work as it should, you will have a lasting piece of jewellery of great emotional value and beauty.

A New Look for A New Year,be creative;explore yourself

Fashion Tips Buy Clothes to suit Your Shape

Layout your clothes before putting them on and check the proportions. Juggle jackets, scarves & belts to re-arrange the clothes to get the look you want.

Thinner fabrics are more slimming.
Tops and bottoms of one color will make you look thinner.
Wear clothes that fit.
Wearing too large clothes will exaggerate your figure not hide it.
Avoid belts unless you have a slim waist.
Use accessories carefully.

You can make your wardrobe impressive with mix and match jewellery.
Shoes depend less on you body shape than you height. Do not buy clothes on impulse. Plan before you buy a blouse or pants. Be somewhat scientific about shopping, consider your body type, and colors.

Ask your self some questions;

Do you have anything you can mix and match with it? Does it match your lifestyle?
Will it be comfortable, nonchalant, and easy to wear?
Is it machine wash or dry clean only?
Will it fit your budget? Is it appropriate?
Is it a fad, can it be worn more than one season?
Is it of good quality? Quality counts, it is better to have four or five mix and match out fits of quality, than 8 or 10 'steals.'

Think in terms of outfits when you shop, and be practical. When you buy a new dress, be sure you have shoes and other accessories to go with it. Maybe a jacket or scarf to wear over it to give it a different look.

Clothes Styles and Body Shapes

High collars shortens necks.
Tight tops with short sleeves and breast pocket is detracting from your figure. Shoes with straps shortens your legs. The torso can be shortened or narrowed with seam lines, belts, bows, and collars.
A short necklace can shorten your neck.
A scarf or belt that hangs down toward the legs will make the legs appear longer. Knitted texture, lace, floras, prints, and plaids can assist in creating an illusion.
Thicker vertical lines in plaids lengthens and slims.
Wear a larger print where you want people to look and smaller print where you do not want them to look.
An all over print can camouflage figure problems, but prints here and there can create a fuller you.
Prints around the neck and over the shoulder can make your shoulders appear wider. Just wear prints near the parts of your figure's assets, because they are usually more eye catching than a solid color.
When buying pants be sure they fit well. Defects are emphasized in a pair of pants that may go unnoticed in a skirt.
Petite women.
Petite women need to keep clothes in line, slim narrow belts. A slight contrast in colors and fitted lines will flatter you endlessly. Also stay with fabrics that are soft and flowing that fits well. Over powering prints should be avoided.

Tall women.
Tall women can indulge in wide belts, avoid tight clothes and skirts that are to short or to long. Beauty expert Stephanie Faber recommends tall women play down their waist by wearing their blouses over the pants and skirts and avoid tight belts.
Hip heavy triangle woman.
A hip heavy triangle and round full figured women can use clothes with vertical lines to make an up and down illusion. V-necks and skirts with slits up the sides are also good. Clothes with small padded shoulders should be chosen . Too big of pads will make you look like a foot ball player. Wear long tops that go passed your hips. Choose jackets, tailored suits and shirtwaist dresses with straight, classic cuts. Lighter colors on top can be worn, this brings eyes up. Wear dark stockings and avoid patterns. Select vertical, fluid patterns and avoid bulky fabrics. Adopt the just below the knee look in dresses and skirts. Choose accessories close to the same color clothes you are wearing including shoes. This gives your body an unbroken slimmer look. Avoid very wide pinafore skirts. Stay with straight or Aline skirts.
Top heavy woman.
The top heavy body types need to choose long jackets without shoulder pads. Do not wear blouses with fancy details and ruffles. Do not wear clingy fabrics on top, choose darker colors on top. Do not wear tops that are to light. Tops with dolman or raglan sleeves and ones that fit loose and slims down to hug the hips and waist are good. Wear pants or skirts that are pleated to bring the eye down. Choose thin materials like cotton, or cotton jersey. One color dressing will also be thinning. Flat shoes are best unless you are short, then wear heels. If your legs are in good shape shorter hem lengths will draw attention away from your top.
Rectangular type woman.
The rectangular type can accentuate curves by wearing jackets or tops that hug the waist, feminine thick sweaters over skirts or pants. Use patterns in your tops or bottoms to add dimension. Round out the neckline with necklaces, scarves and other accessories, and use shoulder pads.

We should always try to find happiness within our hearts being a child who needs to play ignoring worries for a while

Angel of Play

We all need to take time out from our busy schedules now and again so we can have some "Play time". Most of us are taught that in order to get anywhere in life, we must work hard and struggle without regard to our other needs, including the need for play. Yet, this constant striving is precisely what keeps us from ever arriving, at least not to a destination we really want to arrive at. It’s when we have taken some time out, allowed ourselves to have some fun now and again, to be as the child we once were, that miracles and magic become possible. This is what this Angel has come to remind you.

It is said that only when one is as a little child, can one enter the kingdom of Heaven. Think of what being a child and playing means to you. Think of the innocence and sense of wonder and awe at the world that many children feel. Too often as adults we tend to see the world as being rather old and weary, the same old things, the same old routines and the same old experiences day after day. Eventually we stop expecting that anything new and wonderful may happen in our lives. Good things happen to "other people", not us. Fun is something we may have when we retire and have the time to do something we would really enjoy. We don't stop to think that all our striving is really setting us up for an old age that is neither filled with health or joyful. Do you know someone who is in their "golden years" and totally enjoying every moment of life to the fullest? Chances are, this person spent a fair amount of time allowing themselves time for play and joy along with fulfilling their daily responsibilities when they were younger. Life can become very sour and bitter when we do not allow ourselves this time, for play helps to rejuvenate us and keep us young! The Angel of Play is always trying to get us to take a break from our chores and duties when the time is appropriate for she knows that if we do, we shall return to duties feeling refreshed and much more relaxed. This in turn will allow us to accomplish far more than pushing ourselves too far over our natural physical limits!One afternoon while out driving I was noticing how one motorist was being very aggressive and taking risks trying to get a car length or two ahead of everyone else. Obviously this person was in a terrible hurry and it flashed through my mind that eventually, she would be in an accident that would insure she wasn't going to get anywhere quickly for the rest of that day, at least! Then I felt this Angel tap me on the shoulder and heard her whisper "Each of you does this same thing when you are trying to accomplish one more thing in your day instead of taking some time to come play with me. I could help you get so much further faster if you would just take some time to play!" Taking an hour here or there to play may help to keep your immune system boosted which means you won't get the cold/flu/plague that everyone else is coming down with. Taking time to play and relax may help you avoid a heart attack or stroke in your later years. It may even help you avoid cancer. Play time means we let go of all the things that we think we "should" be doing and do something instead that we find fun and enjoyable.

Adults can really learn from this Angel and her companions, Children, about what it means to really have fun! Play doesn't have to cost you a dime. You can sit in the park and feed the swans or Ducks as I always loved doing as a child and which I considered to be great play because I also made up names for each bird and gave them different "jobs". One might be Mr. Trimbly and he works in an accounting office and lives with his mother. Another was Mrs. Farraday who had five children and a husband who sailed the high seas. I still do this from time to time, and for me this is great play time and also a wonderful work out for the imagination. Which stimulates creativity? Which stimulates good ideas that can be turned into something useful for myself and others? Which can then be used to help me and others prosper and grow. All from taking a little bit of time to go sit in the park and play with the birds! Maybe fun for you is getting out some paints and brushes and seeing what your strokes upon the paper create. Are you a budding artist that just needs some time to develop your skills and talents? Flying a kite with your children is a wonderful way to spend real time with them and helps to strengthen the bond of love between you. This will pay off as they move into their teenage years, trust me! It will also help to support and heal your own Inner Child as well as your Inner Adolescent. The Inner Child tends to act out when we don't take the time to have fun and play, it gets terribly weary of being expected to just sit inside of you while you work all the time! For those of you who experienced a very difficult childhood, there is no greater healer than taking your own Inner Child out for a play date and I do speak from personal experience. We all tend to want to "work" through things. This Angel suggests we try a different approach - how can we "PLAY" through things, instead? Certainly playing is much more fun! Notice too how quickly children grow and mature and then suddenly they become adults. All of a sudden what came so naturally, the ability to easily grow and thrive, comes to a halt. This Angel says it’s because we have stopped playing! Play as children is what allowed us to grow so easily, play is what allowed us to reach into adulthood to begin with! How sad that we have forgotten the importance of playing! Yet we can have that joy return to our lives, anytime that we are willing to be as a child once again.

If there is something you have been wanting to manifest/create in your life and it just does not seem to be happening no matter what you do, try taking some time out to play. Make a firm commitment that you are going to spend some time in play each week. You are going to let go of all the things you think you should do or need to do or have to do. For that time you are only going to focus on having fun, that's it! Playing, having fun, feeling the joy, opens your heart chakra and expands your aura. An open heart and a nice big, fluffy aura is certain to attract the very things you have been seeking and yet seemed so elusive. You will feel younger, look younger and act younger. Your health will improve, your relationships with others, including yourself, will improve. Your creativity, intuition and productivity will skyrocket! You will be better able to attract many good things to yourself with far less effort, worry and stress. You may even find some long forgotten talents or dreams or ideas that you can put to good use now that will open up a whole new way of life for you. And all because you decided to listen to this lovely Angel and spend some time in play!

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Finding the right necktie for him

Gorgeous Italian Ties

for him

Although it may be expensive, a great necktie may just be the key to winning your dream date. Discount mens neckties exist for just this purpose. So, how do you recognize a discount mens tie?

Some unrecognized fashion designers attach popular logos to their ties and place them on Internet sites or in stores for sale at a price that would surprise anyone. Even an original may not look as good on you as a discount tie that you choose smartly.

In the store of your choice, select a tie with good colors and clever patterns. Do you favor in-your-face design for your tie? Stripes may appeal to you. The current fashion trend should however reflect on the tie that you choose or you could find yourself a laughing stock.

Do not ignore professional assistance that you can get for free in a magazine. A men's magazine like GQ should not be overlooked while attempting to shop for a discount designer tie. You can also learn from fashion specific sites on the Internet.

Having learnt the new vogue, look for colors that match the season. Due to the intense heat and sunshine associated with summer, a color as bright as, say lemon, or even yellow is best suited for you. Armed with a picture of what the originals look like, you can commence your search for the designer tie that suits your purpose.

Without the knock-off industry, this would have been virtually impossible to get good designs at discount. Bear in mind that you can still get some better quality ties even at this cost.

Lady Apparel- The look of elegance

Today, lady apparel and the impact of fashion has changed the perception of clothing from merely being a tool to protect the body from harshness of the environment and extreme weathers but a device in measuring the height of success of its wearer. This is especially true for women. Though it is still deemed necessary for all mankind to be fully and presentably clothed, in some part of the world, clothing has evolved into a fashion statement that represents a woman’s well being.

Turning fabrics into apparel is not as easy as it may seem. Ignorance to this fact has made modern day consumers take clothing for granted. Before the method of making textile was mechanized, processing textile was very tedious and labor intensive. The industry was the first to be mechanized during the Industrial Revolution.

Over the centuries, man became more efficient in making clothes. Man has also incorporated creative ideas in making their attire. As a result of this, the fashion industry starts blooming and different methods in beautifying clothes have developed. One significant method is embroidery.

Embroidery is known as the art or handicraft of decorating fabric or other materials with designs stitched in strands of thread or yarn by using a special needle. Evidence suggests that Ancient Egyptians, Babylonians, Phoenicians and Hebrews used embroidery for decorating their robes. The Moors has been found to decorate much of their apparels with embroidery as well. The style and uniqueness of each individual culture is usually embedded in the pattern and designs of the embroidery. Back in the days, embroidery also represents the sign of wealth and power one possessed. The rich traders and merchants are often willing to pay a large sum of money for the luxury of embroidered clothing. The one who always benefits the most from this are their wives and mistresses.

Decorating with embroidery is one of the most beautiful ways to express your identity on clothes and accessories. It brings the lady wearing the attire a sense of style and elegance. Hand-made embroidery is regarded highly because more work and energy is dedicated into creating a faultless piece. Careful work which usually take days or even months are required as the creator work on every part of the fabric in detail. Today, machines have helped human to simplify their work and the quality of machine-made embroidery are now equally as beautiful as hand-made embroidery.

Embroidery on clothing can provide the wearer with a sense of individuality. With help from machines, almost every garment can be embroidered. The rich and famous has taken this to full advantage by creating their own unique attire. This is done by having the clothes tailor-made with their initials embroidered. Fashion is without a doubt a universal concept. No industry or activity is ignored by fashion. Even sportsmen and women are not left behind in the world of fashion. With adoring fans wanting to dress like their idol such as Tiger Woods and Michelle Wie, fashion has found its way to the greens! Lady golf apparel is now making statements on golf courses despite the fact that golfers are guarded by dress codes and rules.

Today, clothing is not just bare necessity, a mean to protect the body from dangers in the environment but also gives the wearer a sense of confidence and pride. The world of fashion is a dominant market in which designers are more creative and eager to explore different ways to produce garments that are equally as beautiful as the ladies who wear them!

Express Yourself through Your Clothes

As we pass through life we start to realize that people, including us, have a tendency of becoming more and more common. We give up the things that make us special and unique so we can be plain and common for reasons I am sure we do not even understand.

Either we do not have the courage to be unique or we just come to believe that being creative and different are not such good things after all. Luckily for us it is never too late to turn into the person you used to be. It is never too late to break down the barriers and run free and wild. One way to do that is through your clothes.

Independent fashion designers are one of the most obvious examples that we have. They refuse to give into the constant globalization process that seems to evolve with each passing day. What they feel, what they love and most of all how they want to be is expressed in every piece of clothing that they design. This is one true form of art. No two tops are alike as no two feelings could ever be the same.

Independent designer labels can give you that certainty of being one of a kind and still look amazing. Art is an expression of our feelings and thoughts and what better way to show who you really are than through what you wear? So maybe you are not talented and you can not design your own clothes but you just wish you would stop seeing the same skirt you have on three other girls on your way to the store. You love that skirt, that is why you bought it in the first place and there is nothing wrong with other people having that same clothing item as you, but somehow you feel trapped. You feel like a piece of you is missing and at that point you start to wish you were alone in a crowd.

There is a solution to your problem. Choose clothes that combine fashion with art, feelings with places and people, choose independent designer labels and independent fashion designers that look at life and fashion the same way that you do. More than that, become your own designer and show the world that being you is truly amazing and most of all special.

Art can take many shapes and sizes. What independent fashion designers do is take art to another level and pass on the joy of being yourself at all times. It is not what you wear that makes you who you are, but it surely tells a lot about you. People make the clothes and not the other way around. However, the clothes that you wear should be a piece of who you are and this is why independent designer labels can be the best choice for you. Art is found in each clothing item ever made, but how that art is expressed is what makes the difference.