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How to Get a Girl to Chase You Even When She Has Rejected You - Brand New Kick Ass Technique

Has it ever happened to you that when you are talking to a girl she ends up saying you are just not my type, I not looking for a boy friend right now or maybe I already have a boy friend. You see she would throw these killer comments at you even when she is single and looking.

You see this is her way of telling you to go away before she gets rude. You see but you can turn all this around and make her chase you like crazy.

Read on to discover some of the most stunning ways on how this can be done and achieve earth shattering results fast...

Don't take it- The very first trick is not to take it and laugh at it. You see most guys would just get highly sensitive if a girl rejects them right on the face and they walk off and never ever dare to approach another girl ever again.

Therefore when she tells you that she is just no looking for anything right now instead of walking off you must say this- "I wasn't looking for anything either, too bad you got the wrong impression, I was just about to tell you that we are not on the same wavelength. You see saying this would mean counter rejection and she would now try to seek approval from you.

Throw it right back on her face- Now this is a total kick ass trick which is known to work most of the times. You see if you are in conversation with a girl and she throws one of these strange comments on your face. You must say hey wait a second- "I wasn't hitting on you rather I am more interested in your friend standing right there". Now this is a strong jealousy tactic where not only would she feel rejected but at the same time she would again seek approval from your end.

What you don't know yet- Ever tried to wonder what's in a woman's mind? What is she thinking about? Do you know that women do not always mean what they say? They might say something and mean the exact opposite. But what do women actually want?

Do you know there are some secrets women don't want men to know but you absolutely must know these secrets in order to succeed with women? Read on to discover 9 most "Shocking Secrets" women don't want men to know. This is something you can't afford to miss at any cost click here-
Tell Me The Secrets
How to Make a Guy Jealous - 3 Tricks That NEVER Fail

So you want to see the man you're eyeing for turning all green...you want to know how to make a guy jealous?

The reasons why a woman would want to know how to make a guy jealous is almost countless.
It could be because they want their ex boyfriend back. Or maybe they want to grab his attention - the man that they adore. Perhaps she just wants to make sure that the man she's with truly cares for her.

Did I mention the reasons are almost endless?!

Whatever your personal reason is, I know how it feels to be in a never-ending search for tips and tricks on how to make a guy jealous and NOT finding them.

BUT that ends here! Let me spill down 3 tricks on how to turn your man into a green-eyed monster...making sure that he'll stick with you all the time and would fight to get your attention.
Let's bring these tricks to the plate!

How To Make A Guy Jealous Trick 1: Have fun!
If you're going to make your man jealous for you, you better turn your attention to other things aside from him.

Get out there with your friends ad start doing the things you gals love doing the most. You can and MUST enjoy things like - watching movies, partying, sleeping over one of your friend's place, etc.

Just keep this in mind - HAVE FUN.

How To Make A Guy Jealous Trick 2: Turn yourself into someone worth chasing for.
A guy will only be jealous if they want someone that another guy also wants. And that means being attractive and appealing to men in general.

This may involve visiting the gym regularly, eating the right kind of foods, etc. - anything that will keep you in great shape.

Not to mention you get the attention of the other males which will make him want you more.

How To Make A Guy Jealous Trick 3: Get out there and date someone else!
Remember, a guy will only chase you and be jealous if another man has also set your sights on you. Dating someone else create that situation.

Who knows, dating another guy might land you with a better partner.

By the way, did you know that so many women make their own lives and relationships harder than they need to be by not learning the basic foundations of how men view love, connection, attraction and relationships?

So, If you want to start getting better outcomes and results when it comes to men, and you want to be able to communicate with a man in a way that brings him closer.

Then you're going to have START doing what it is that makes a man FEEL ATTRACTED and MORE INTERESTED in you. It means that you need to Learn Secrets That Most Women Will Never Know About Meeting And Keeping Great Men!

Make this the year you finally know what it's like to have a fun, loving and secure relationship by discovering how to find the right man and make love last. Just Go To

If you want to have START doing what it is that makes a man FEEL ATTRACTED and MORE INTERESTED in you. Then, you need to Learn The Secrets That Most Women Will Never Know About Meeting And Keeping Great Men!

Make this the year you finally know what it's like to have a fun, loving and secure relationship by discovering how to find the right man and make love last.

Just Go To
http://www.freewebs.com/catchandkeephim/ to learn the SECRET PSYCHOLOGY TO GETTING A MAN AND KEEPING HIM FOR GOOD!
How Can I Find Mr Right When the World is Full of Mr Wrongs?

I know you want to create an amazing relationship with the right guy... without having to deal with all the wrong guys for you... you know, the ones that will manipulate you or make you experience pain and loss from a tattered relationships.

And I totally believe you can... I believe that any woman can become more successful with men and dating by learning from dating experts to find a great guy and grow a meaningful relationship.

It has happened... a lot! I hear more and more success stories from women who almost despaired of every finding Mr. Right!

And they did!

But you must understand something right now... men are different from women... in almost every way!

Sure, you laugh at me now but I am being serious here...

There is a real difference between what a man says and what he really means. So when he "pulls" away... you need to stop listening to what he is saying and look deeper into his heart and mind to figure out what he really means...

I know this isn't the easiest or simplest answer but it is so true. And if you learn how to "read" a man... the world becomes your oyster!

Imagine being able to cut through the mustard so to speak and be able to understand exactly what he is thinking about and why he said what he said... many times... it isn't what you thought it really meant.

Confusing? Absolutely! But if you learn how to read him... you can not only find Mr. Right... but enjoy the most awesome relationship of your dreams.

To sum it up... if you cannot find the right guy for you... then I suggest that you seek resources from dating experts for women to help you create the relationship with a guy that YOU want..
And if you are interested in landing Mr. Right... a great guy that is into you and an amazing relationship...

I have the perfect suggestion for you right here that will help answer your question... Can I
find Mr. Right?
You Deserve a Man Who's Crazy About You

Do you have a sort of boyfriend or do you have a real man who's head over heels in love with you?

Do you make excuses for him, have a thousand and one reasons why he doesn't call, can't seem to remember how important you are, and still trying to convince him to be with you long-term?

I just had a chat with a friend who told me about a friend of hers who's getting married next August to her boyfriend she moved in with. She bought a place and has a man moving into her place and on top of that had to convince him to marry her.

But wait!! It gets worst.

He doesn't have a JOB. He somehow found a way to lose his job and they are supposed to be planning a wedding for next August. Apparently, she has to give him money for bus fare so that he can get out of the house.

Now does this sound like the kinda man you want for a husband? Your answer is probably, "No."
But don't be blind either. Take a look at your man, a real good look at him. If you have any feelings of not being enough with him in any way, it means he's not the man you want to waste your life with.

Stop making excuses and start living like the sexy woman you are so that you can really attract men who will commit to you faster than you can say yes!

If your boyfriend's not a freeloader then there's a way to take him to the next level. Bring him to the tipping point by having him so melted that he'll slap an engagement ring on your finger in no time flat.

Nicole Gayle is the author of the e-book, How to Go from Girlfriend to Wife, written to help you take your man from maybe to "I do" - Be the kind of woman your man HAS to marry.


But What Exactly Does It Take To Seduce A Man?

It seems that how to seduce a man is not about being thin with the perfect lipstick and nail polish and perfume are not enough on how to seduce a man. I am sure, like me, you know beautiful women who are having a difficult time holding a man down and/or getting what they want from them.

Look at the numerous examples in the celebrities like Jennifer Anniston, Jennifer Lopez, and Jessica Simpson, just to name a few. Those women are stunning but they still are having a hard time in love like non-celebrity people (the rest of us).

What does it take to seduce a man?

How to seduce a man - Competition

Men want what they can’t have. In the first stages of dating, you will need to create some competition for you attention. What I mean is find some passions or continue your passions. He has to fight a little for your attention.

I remember one time there was this guy who kept just looking at me without coming up to me or talking to me. So I decided to use the competition tool. It was a high risk. He could loose interest in me, but I took a shot at it.

One of my long time male friends was there. When he came to greet me I decided to be a little bit unusually warm. My friend responded the same, because we are that close. My prospect guy didn’t know about the level of our relationship. He could only assume.

So, shortly after, he made sure that I saw him and made his move on me. He started a conversation from far and came up to me after.

How to seduce a man is competition. Competition is a good fuel for men.

It doesn’t mean to flirt with other men and be manipulative. It could backfire on you.
Alternatively, you could find an activity where you have the expressed admiration of others.

Find something that you are good at. You will get rave reviews from others. This will keep him fighting for you attention. He will be hooked.

How to seduce a man - Admiration - positive feedback

Acknowledge everything that he is doing well. Women tend to nag when their guy is doing something bad. However, when he is doing something well, we keep quiet. We brag about it behind his back. So, he never knows that we really are proud of him.

When a man gets admiration from his wife or partner, this is where he feels that he is the King of the jungle. He then wants to please you even more because he feels he can. That feeling seduce a man

How to seduce a man - Acceptance

It is difficult sometimes to accept that you partner is not the prince charming that you have read on in Cinderella or other popular literature since we were really young. But that feeling of acceptance from you seduces a man profoundly.

Maybe he doesn’t bring you flowers on Valentine’s Day, or even worse, he forgets that it is Valentine’s Day; however, when something is broken in the house, it is repaired right away. Or he brings you medication when you are sick. He maybe understanding when you are PMSing.

That is the real Prince Charming. Give him is “Sacred Monday Night Football”. His flaws and annoying habits allow you to grow as a wife or as a girlfriend. Remember that personal growth brings you closer each time to a better life.

It is to appreciate who he is and what he is doing for you instead of changing him or expecting him to be who you want him to be.

I remember one of my male friends telling me a story of unacceptance from a previous girlfriend; he bought her a flat screen TV as a surprise.

When he installed it for her, she added:” It is nice but it is not a Sony”

He dropped everything. He took the television and left. If you reflect on yourself, I am convinced that you have some stories of your own.

"Caring Of Jewelries"

First, how susceptible is your jewelry to scratches and chemical products? Hardness is based on a gem-trade standard called the Mohs scale. The higher the Mohs scale number, the harder the stone is. The highest Mohs scale rating is 10 (diamonds).

Anything with a Mohs scale rating of less than 7 is easily scratched (such as coral, lapis lazuli, opal, pearl, and turquoise). Gold, silver, and platinum are only Mohs 2-1/2 to 4.

Because a diamond can scratch gold or pearls it is always important to store all jewelry pieces separately. Gold jewelry will last you a lifetime if it is taken care of.

Gold can be scratched and dented if you are not careful. Because of where they are worn, gold rings and bracelets will get the most damage, much more so than earrings or necklaces.

Chemicals also can cause damage to gold. One of the worst is chlorine. Constant exposure to chlorinated cleaning products will make the gold weak and prone to breaking.

Don't wear your gold in the swimming pool or Jacuzzi. Take your jewelry off around the house when cleaning but if you prefer to wear rings and bracelets wear rubber gloves for protection. Even makeup, perfume, hairspray, and perspiration can cause gold jewelry to lose its luster.

Clean your jewelry regularly using a good jewelry cleaner. A quick clean can be done with a baby tooth brush and mild soap and a small amount of ammonia. (Never clean in the sink as the jewelry might fall down the drain, always clean in a bowl away from a drain pipe) Grease can be removed from karat gold jewelry by dipping into plain rubbing alcohol.

Always rinse thoroughly and dry after cleaning. Keep it wrapped separately in a soft cloth, jewelry box divider or plastic baggie. Keep your eye on prongs that could break and cause the loss of a stone. An occasional visit to a professional jeweler is the best idea.

Platinum is one of the rarest and most durable precious metals. It does not tarnish or get discolored from chlorine. Even though it is very tough you still need to take good care of your platinum jewelry. Store it separately because platinum can be scratched. Platinum can be cleaned in the same manner as other fine jewelry.

You will probably be surprised that sunlight can cause many colored gemstones to fade, change color or become pale. Common stones that are damaged in sunlight (there may be more): Amethyst, Ametrine, Apatite, Aquamarine, Aventurine, Beryl, Celestite, Chrysoprase, Citrine, Fluorite, Kunzite, Rose Quartz, and Smokey Quartz.

Pearls are organic stones and quickly react to any form of chemicals like perfumes, hand lotions, hair spray, etc. Chemicals directly attack the nacre, ruining the luster, which causes patches on your pearl. Put your pearl jewelry on last after you have applied your perfumes, lotions, etc.

They should not be worn along with any other jewelry items such as chains or even watches. Clean pearls only with lukewarm water. Never brush them in any way. You can then wipe it with a regular cotton cloth.

The silk is delicate and gets stretched after a period of time. Always store bead necklaces (such as lapis, pearls, etc) flat as that will keep the silk from stretching. It could break when the strand is worn on a regular basis. You should have them checked, to see if they need to be re-strung, every 3 years if you wear them regularly. Opals are water-based stones.

Sudden temperature changes cause them to crack in multiples (known as Crazing). They should thus be cleaned only in room temperature water (68°F - 75°F) and then wiped with a soft cotton cloth. Emeralds, naturally coming out of the ground have several surface breaking inclusions in them.

Almost all of them are treated through oiling to hide these inclusions. They cannot be immersed in ultrasonic cleaners or steam machines for this reason. The oiling will either discolor or come out during the cleaning process. Thus they can only be cleaned with room temperature water (68°F - 75°F) and a cotton cloth.

Platinum is one of the rarest and most durable precious metals. It does not tarnish or get discolored from chlorine. Even though it is very tough you still need to take good care of your platinum jewelry. Store it separately because platinum can be scratched. Platinum can be cleaned in the same manner as other fine jewelry.

Your silver jewelry tarnishes when exposed to air. This occurs more quickly in damp and foggy weather and even sunshine, but is inevitable in any climate. Tarnish first appears as a golden hue on your sterling silver then turns to black.

Always store in treated paper or cloth, or plastic zip lock bags made of Mylar (turkey cooking bags) or polyethylene. Some plastic contains sulfur compounds which can cause tarnish faster.

Never use polyvinyl plastic bags. Tiny zip-lock bags work great for each individual piece. Don't store sterling silver jewelry on wood surfaces as wood usually contains acids that can mar the finish. Also avoid storing silver with other metals like pennies and rubber. Don't wear rubber gloves when washing or polishing silver because rubber promotes tarnish. Dry and polish silver with a soft cloth, not paper towels.

You can use a baby tooth brush or a horsehair silver brush but stays away from paper, polyester and course fabrics that contain wood fibers as this can scratch your silver. Ordinary toothpaste is a good, quick cleaner but is mainly recommended for gold, not silver. If you don't want to rub the silver (or you're uncomfortable working with acid), make a dip using baking soda, aluminum foil and hot water.

Place a 2' length of aluminum foil into a plastic bucket, and pour 1/2 gallon of hot water over it. Then pour a cup of fresh baking soda into the water (if the soda is fresh, it will begin foaming). Submerge a piece of silver in the water, and allow it to sit for 30 minutes. Then pull out the silver, rinse it, and allow it to dry.

For a more of a heavy duty cleaner get a pickle jar and combine one inch of cleaning detergent (like Top Job or Mr. Clean), one inch of dish washing liquid and one inch of ammonia. Fill the rest of the container with water.

Shake well, heat in microwave and pour into an old pot and simmer on stove. Put your silver or gold into the solution and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Remove from solution and rinse with water. Dry well.

Monday, September 29, 2008

A Dying Ember

Hope is a longing; a longing to remove this lonely entropy, and from a fruitful quest, fuse into organic order, a union of perfect function.
Want is a shortage; a rare and hidden treasure, a girl buried as a single drop amalgamated within the swirling turmoil of a raging sea.

Desire is a passion; focusing the senses, awareness of reality enhanced, tunnelling objective reason and perception, crushing all trepidation.

Need is a necessity; Iblis is the unconquerable, relentless growing need within the depths of all life, a base and primeval desire, inexorable.

Love is the fleeting enthusiasm of infatuation; a concept of brief and dwindling parameters, held aloft and relentlessly hailed above reason.

So reason is excluded, yet reason is the route leading to perpetual bliss, extracted from the horde of knowledge, the life long search, truth is often the confession of ignorance, as ignorance is knowledge not yet attained.I hoped to find a girl of reason; and so I dreamt of a gentle intellect, and visions to fill the world with the petals of velvet mercy, abundant enough to lift my mind, to view all lesser wonders in perceived insignificance; but I've searched without result.
I hoped to find a girl with passion for endless adventure and experience, filled with the exuberance of the freshest vista of life, but only found television thoughts filling clouded minds.

I hoped to find a girl honoured within herself; respectful of herself; loving and thoughtful of herself; a rare and precious life, holding more worth than all the physical creation of this entire universal infinity.

I hoped to find a girl outraged by inequity, enraged by cruelty, infuriated by sovereignty, devastated by betrayal, incensed by injustice; yet a guiding light to ignorance, an endless well of compassion, an engine of power connected to the miraculous unity of all existence.

I hoped to find the positive to my negative, completing the equilibrium of this paradigm; yet, have only repelled and repulsed, bewildered and offended, a blind truth is a truth, a blunt and unfettered truth holds itself against false perception smashing its fragile form, so devastates the attempted union of the superficial to the innate; unfettered truth burns away the façade of paint and draperies, unfettered truth is repulsed as the consequence of a social system based solely in ignorant perception.

I hoped to find a love filled mercy, I still hold out a little hope, but its a dying ember in my thoughts, so leaving me to return to the solitude of the blackest night.

Welcome to the philosophical and spiritual musings of...
Life Through My Eyes

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Platonic Relationships - Do They Exist?

My dictionary defines 'platonic' as: free from physical desire. Platonic relationships are those relationships between men and women where there is 'no physical desire'.

However, this isn't always true.I believe that the only times a relationship between a man and a woman is truly platonic is when:

1.They've been in a relationship and it's ended, and after a period of time for adjustment, they have moved on and accepted the relationship is over

2.The man is gay and therefore has no desire for the woman.

3.The man is in a satisfying relationship already, and therefore has no desires for the woman who is his friend.

4.The man finds her sexually unattractive to him, and there is no feelings of desire.If any of these conditions are met, then there is a platonic relationship.

Many women believe that they can have purely platonic relationships with men, but quite often those men are simply holding back the expression of their desires.

This is because they know that she is either uninterested in them sexually or romantically, or she's unavailable; or he's unavailable himself - and yet he still desires her. And so she's completely surprised when, after months or years of what she's considered to be a 'platonic relationship', he suddenly blurts out his desire for her.

It usually ends in the end of the friendship, or it becomes friendship that just isn't as good as it used to be. Very rarely does it turn out positively, where it results in a romantic relationship.

Sometimes the friendship can become stronger, but it certainly requires hard work and maturity from all concerned.

One of the biggest reasons a man will find himself attracted to a woman is often because she simply talks to him, and gives him her time and attention.

To the man, this is an 'obvious' sign that she likes him!

Also to the man, 'like' means 'wants sex' or a 'relationship'. However, the man is conflicted when she doesn't give out any of the other signals that he expects from a woman who is attracted to him.

She doesn't act shy around him, or doesn't touch him, or doesn't do any of the other things that he'd expect from a woman attracted to him.

So he keeps his feelings to himself, hoping that one day he'll either have the courage to talk to her about those feelings, or that she'll 'recognise' her own 'true feelings' and declare her undying love for him. This is the fantasy of the platonic man.

I used to be such a man, many years ago. It almost seems like another lifetime. I used to think that any woman who gave me her time and attention was attracted to me. If she was remotely attractive, I immediately developed an attraction for her.

I was often confused about why my friendship with her wasn't getting me the results that I dreamed about. I thought that being her friend would result in us getting into a relationship. And when I eventually told them about my feelings, they told me that they just didn't think of me like that and wanted to continue the friendship.

Like the average fool, I interpreted this to mean that they just weren't ready to talk to me about their feelings, and that I needed to persevere. But of course, it never worked out.Most men are insecure.

They are crying out for attention, and when they get it they think it means love, and they latch onto it and try to develop it. The truth of the matter is that it's not the love of the woman that they are seeking - it's their own love for themselves.It's about masculinity, and accepting that you're a man, with manly desires and needs.

When you can appreciate your own masculinity, it gives you confidence and platonic relationships take on a whole new meaning. For a start, when you are confident with yourself you will find that you can be choosy about your preferred partner. You will want someone who fulfills you, instead of just any woman who gives you attention.

Women want a confident man who doesn't hang on their every word or gesture. Rejecting your masculinity in order to be what you think the woman wants is a mistake, as you're only rejecting the essence of who you are.

When you appreciate your strengths, you won't need to latch onto the attention of women to raise your self-esteem. You will have enough of it already. Instead, you will be able to develop a quality, intimate relationship with a woman who satisfies you emotionally, physically and spiritually, AND you will be able to have platonic relationships with women who offer something else in your life, like shared hobbies or interests.

Preferably, you will build that quality, intimate relationship with a woman who accepts that you can have platonic relationships with other women. But don't forget the golden rule: keep your pants zipped!

If you find yourself in the situation where the only reason you're friends with a woman is because you think you love her but you know she doesn't feel the same way about you, you owe it to both of you to stop seeing her as much as you currently do.

Change your relationship so that while she might still be in your life, she's not the one you're looking to for that hoped-for relationship. Look elsewhere. When you find someone who is actually interested in you romantically, only then can you go back to the first woman and really be her friend.

You'll find better friendships this way, and more fulfilling relationships. It starts with being true to yourself.Of course, there is the possibility that the woman is waiting for you to make the first move, that maybe she can't read the signs either.

Love between two people can arise in many ways, including one person declaring their feelings and then the other realising that they feel the same way.

The concept of this article isn't about building hope that this happens though, it's instead about building strength and confidence in yourself so that you don't feel the need to latch onto those women who give you their attention.

It's about finding the strength in yourself to do what's best for you. The way you apply your own strength is up to you, but you need to start today.

"Life Is Beautiful"

Lessons of Life...

I feared being alone until I learned to like myself.
I feared failureuntil I realized that I only fail when I don't try.
I feared successuntil I realized that I had to try in order to be happy with myself.

I feared people's opinions until I learned thatpeople would have opinions about me anyway.

I feared rejection until I learned tohave faith in myself.
I feared pain until I learned that it's necessary for growth.
I feared the truth until I saw the ugliness in lies.

I feared life until I experienced its beauty.

I feared death until I realized that it's not an end, but a beginning.

I feared my destiny,until I realized that I had the power to change my life.
I feared hate until I saw that itwas nothing more than ignorance.
I feared love until it touched my heart,making the darkness fade into endless sunny days.

I feared ridicule until I learned how to laugh at myself.

I feared growing old until I realized that I gained wisdom every day.
I feared the future until I realized that life just kept getting better.
I feared the past until I realized thatit could no longer hurt me.

I feared the dark until I saw the beauty of the starlight.

I feared the light until I learned that the truth would give me strength.
I feared change,until I saw that even the most beautiful butterfly had to undergo a metamorphosis before it could fly.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

My love, your angel


Angel, said she, where could he be, my lover?
Will he know my face, will we still know each other?
Is he waiting for me? Is he happy to see
that I finally saw him through forever?
I have waited so long, to go where he had gone
I'm excited to see us again, together.
They journeyed long, no word nor song from angel nor her
no answers given, angel not spoken but of tear
angel was speechless, her mind was restless to wonder
cherubim! She shouted, she she she shocked him with what she said
he turned his head and to her said, my name, where did you hear?
That name to me was given by an artist I delivered.
So long that name not spoken and now from you it's heard.
Tell me how you know this name and artist, in the lady's eye, a tear.


“This artist you speak of, was he all of good sort?
Did he speak of love and asked you for your part?
If so he is my lover. If so, he is my heart.”
The angel's head hung lowly, for he tore their love apart
who was he to sunder, wondrous love and art.
The lady then, took angel's hand, and said “you did your part.
Our love is more than life itself, it beats without a heart.”
Now lift up your head, and walk me ahead from this earth
lead me to where my love stands bare in all its worth
you are the hand that mends all hearts in death.
So again they walked, now about love, they talked
'bout arts and beauty and wine, 'till they stopped.
I bring you here unto this place, but woe I cannot enter
Go, seek him there, but not his face, your love will see him better.

-Orville “pervy” Basas-

Earth Angel
(to Sam)

angel on earth, of splendor and grace
what have you seen on this sinner's face
that you so enjoy my awkward ways
that you so blessed me with your endearing gaze?

you blessed me so with your love unconditional
that 'though far apart, you are true and loyal
what do I have that you see me beautiful?
And as I have you, to God I am thankful

I love you with my heart's every beat
that if it ever stops beating, to you I will give it
all that I do, every face that I meet
It's you that I think of, from your head to your feet

I always think of you, all day and night
and to dream of you is a glorious sight
to again hold my angel in her radiant light
and with love to you, I offer this write

I give you my all and all I could muster
and I'm sorry for all that I couldn't amount for
“I love you so much” my heart thus roar
and the love you give back is more, much more

thank you for everything that you have given
and I know my gratitude needs more to be spoken
please keep this write as a sign or a token
of my gratitude, fidelity, love and devotion

I love you so much with all that is in me
I miss you so much that it's driving me crazy
I love you so much at the risk of sounding cheesy
you are the love of my life; you complete me

I wish to kiss you and hold you all through the afternoon
and star gaze at night and laugh at the moon
I wish to grow old and wither by your side
that when I broke something, to you I confide

I wish to hold you in a spoon and slowly drift to sleep
to keep you warm and feel you breath and feel you close and deep
the thought of your smile and sparkling eyes, an image I'll always keep
I love you so, I miss you so, too much it makes me weep

I love you so much and you miss me, I know
but I'll see you again and that radiant glow (wink!)
our distance on hand is making my love grow
bit i can't help but miss you, I miss you so

I love you, earth angel, with all that I am
I miss you, earth angel. I love you so much, Sam!


night fall

Would you believe
“In times of trouble, times of dread.
“I love you still” the lady said
as he lay his weary head
the young man sleeps alone in bed

“I feel your pleasures, I feel your pain”
the lady's voice in his head remain
closed his eyes, he ignores the joy of rain
the young man ,oh, sleeps alone again

she reaches out to hold her man
but to her woe, she touches none
she knows her man, away had gone
so in their bed for two... there's one

“I miss you so” she whispers out loud
she finds herself lonely in a crowd
the eternal love he gave and vowed
she hears as she sleeps, his words resound

his music and notes, their song begins
the words that she wrote, she knew it by heart
she smiles at him teasing and he grins
song of two hearts. Swore never to part

they fight and strive, together they win
they fought for dreams and love they were in
party for songs for tonic and gin
and awake in the morning alone again

By: Pervy Arknow

Saturday, September 27, 2008


What is romance without a kiss?

When wishing for romance, your kisses had better be good to make a favorable impression. It may not be fair, but some will judge you on your first kiss as to whether or not they will want to see you again.

In other words, there needs to be good chemistry when kissing.A good kiss delivers a powerful impact! If you're a great kisser, you're going to turn your date on and you will have a definite edge.

What distinguishes a good kisser from the kisser we all want to forget? The key is to be soft and gentle and follow their lead. Here are some good romantic kissing tips to enhance your love life:


Be careful not to startle - watch and wait for the signal to proceedAvoid the ‘ambush’ kiss (although these can be exciting as your relationship progresses.)Look deeply into your partner’s eyes. This will send the message that you like them and want to be closer to them.

Look for their signals as well.Look for a warm, kind smile (even a slight smile is good; it doesn’t have to be BIG.)Pay attention to the look on your loved one’s face. This will indicate where they want to go with this kiss.


Look for good balance. As you move closer to that magical kiss, you don’t want to be leaning too forward awkwardly to get there.As you move closer you are sending signals. You want your body to be in a comfortable position during the kiss, so you can enjoy every moment of it.Go for a light touch just before the kiss.

While a hand lightly on the face is a definite signal of intimacy, holding hands combined with eye contact and a warm look can indicate the beginning of a great kiss to come.Make sure you are aligned correctly at this point.

This means not only getting your lips on track with theirs, but getting the head tilted correctly as well.Tilt your head slightly to one side first. Your partner will likely react and tilt the other way. This is a mutual sign that the kiss will be very welcomed.


Relax your lips, close your eyes.Move in slowly. During step number two you made sure the two of you were aligned correctly, now you can close your eyes as you’re just about to make contact.Relax your lips, not tightly pressed together. Give your partner the pleasant experience of feeling your lips softly against theirs.Your lips should be recently moistened, but not wet.


Relax your lips, tilt your head and breathe evenly.Moving in, you can part your lips slightly just before contact. Keep your lips relaxed, your tongue in your mouth.Keep your head tilted so both of you can still breathe comfortably on contact and as the perfect kiss is held...S A V O R every moment ... be slow, gentle, easy.


Keep it sweet, not too long and not too wet.Don’t pull away too quickly or make any quick movements. Savor. Savor. Savor. Feel the power and romance of the kiss.Enjoy the moment!


Take your time and don’t rush. Make eye contact, nonverbal and verbal messages.To end, pull away slowly and make eye contact again. Show a satisfied, warm smile to reinforce how you feel.Enjoy the closeness, relax, and finish the kiss with a warm embrace.A few, thoughtful words, such as, “That was nice,” can be whispered.

Try to reinforce how you felt about your kiss with positive words. Your partner will appreciate this and this can break the ice a little.Now that you have mastered the romance of a kiss....you are well on your way to learn even more about how to enhance your romance life!
The world is confused today face of all these religions. Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism and many others have spread either by the coming of a prophet or by the dynamism of a divine message. Their sometimes called God Jehovah, Adonat, Allah, or Buddha or Krishna Their custom and their prayers strangely different from each other.

Their hargne destroying one another to confuse us, the story contains a wealth of examples such as the Crusades and the bloody battles between Protestants and Catholics, and even today the wars in the name of God. Who is right in this whole mixture of rituals, of arguments and principles?

We, the Muslims will answer me absolutely convinced that their faith is the path to liberation. With as much conviction and sincerity of the Jewish or Hindu proclaim that the only alternative its religions.

Who has never heard a Christian exclaim: Jesus Christ is the only way back to God, each in his own insistence hi granting any credence to what might be called, ironically, their opponents religious. Faced with such a phénomême it is not surprising of indifference and atheism raging on humanity.

That is why after having traveled extensively and carefully studied different religions, I have come to conclusions that I deliver to your criticism, not for the purpose of committing the same mistake in preaching to my parish, but to enlighten people who want to know the truth while remaining objective

Le monde est confus aujourd'hui face à toutes ces religions. Le christianisme, l'islam, le bouddhisme, le judaisme et tant d'autres se sont répandues soit par la venue d'un prophète soit par le dynamisme d'un message divin. Leur Dieu s'appelle tantôt Jéhovah, Adonat, Allah, tantôt Krishna ou bouddha Leur coutume et leur prières diffèrent étrangement les unes des autres.

Leur hargne à se détruire mutuellement nous déroutent, L'histoire renferme une profusion d'exemples tels que les croisades et les batailles sanglantes entre protestants et catholiques et aujourd'hui encore les guerres au nom de Dieu. Qui a raison dans tout cet amalgame de rituels, d'arguments et de principes ? Nous, me répondront les musulmans absolument convaincus que leur foi est la voie royale vers la libération.

Avec autant de conviction et de sincérité le Juif ou l'hindou proclamera l'unique alternative qu'est sa religions. Qui n'a jamais entendu un chrétien s'exclamer: Jésus-Christ est la seul voie de retour à Dieu, Chacun s'obstine dans son propre salut n'accordant aucun crédit à ce que l'on pourrait appeler, ironiquement, leurs adversaires religieux. Confronté à un tel phénomême il n'ya pas lieu de s'étonner de l'indifférence et de l'athéisme qui sévit sur l'humanité.

C'est pourquoi après avoir amplement voyagé et étudié scrupuleusement différentes religions, j'en suis venu à cette conclusions que je livre à votre critique, non pas dans le but de commettre la même erreur en prêchant pour ma paroisse, mais d'éclairer ceux qui désirent connaitre la vérité tout en restant objectif

Friday, September 26, 2008

"Traits That Men Look For To Be Their Girl"

10 Traits That Make You a Great Girlfriend

1. She makes you want to be a better man

Stop making that face... any man who has a great girlfriend or wife will tell you that she makes him want to be a better man. She doesn't have to say or do anything; it just is that way. If you suddenly feel bad about how you treated your sister or find yourself trying to get your finances in order, you might want to think about your motivation for doing so.

It could be love.Do you already have her?

So, if this list seems to describe your current flame, you, my friend, are styling. In fact, you are probably the envy of all of your friends, even if they tease you for losing your status as "king player."

2. She loves you

If you have found a woman who loves you for who you really are and not who you pretend or try to be sometimes, you should definitely hang on to her. A woman who

doesn't try to change you is hard to find. Of course, all women have their slightly annoying habits that their mate has to contend with, but if she really loves you, she will be able to cope with these.

Another way to know if she really loves you is by observing the way she looks at you and treats you on an everyday basis. If the sight of you doesn't seem to faze her either way, and she doesn't really seem to care about what you have to say, she's either playing very hard to get, or sees you as just some guy. But if a surprise visit or phone call from you makes her light up, there's no denying that she loves you.

3. She gets along with friends and family

A great girlfriend will not only help your mom in the kitchen, listen to your dad's stories and hang out with your friends, but she will enjoy it. She'll make a real effort to

get to know and love the most important people in your life. And she won't try to get you to ditch your best buds.
She'll actually empathize with your brother's getting dumped and suggest that you guys take him out to cheer him up. Not only that, but your friends won't roll their eyes and moan when you mention that she'll be joining you guys when she gets off work (yes, women like this do exist).

4. She's nagless

There is nothing worse than a nag! A great girlfriend knows this and

chooses her battles wisely. She knows when to speak up and when to let it slide. You don't want a girlfriend who will give you hell for leaving a couple of dishes in the sink occasionally.

However, if you live together and you stay out all night without calling her, and she lets you have it, then you're setting yourself up for disaster. This is a situation that nobody would let slide — not even a great girlfriend.

5. She lets you be a man

Do not — I repeat — do not get involved with a woman who tries to get you to eat cottage cheese and fruit for breakfast and insists that you give up poker night with the guys. You will end up resenting her more than you can imagine. A good girlfriend

lets you be a guy in all your glory, poker night and all. If she's a great girlfriend, she'll even bring you and your buddies a couple of beers and make you some of her famous sandwiches.

She has to understand that men and women are different and should allow you to be yourself. Just like you wouldn't deprive her of going shopping with her best girlfriend, she shouldn't expect you to give up the guys for her.

6. She respects you

This is a biggie. Your woman must respect you. This means that she listens to you, even if she doesn't necessarily agree with what you're saying. And, of course, she never tries to demean or belittle you in any way, shape or form.

A great girlfriend won't ever cause scenes in public or in front of your friends and family, and will always wait to discuss matters with you in private. If she respects you, chances are that she will behave in a tactful and diplomatic manner in most situations, which is definitely a good thing.

7. She's beautiful

I know, this one is kind of obvious, but important nonetheless. A great girlfriend will not only want to look good for you, but also for herself. She should always look her best and be well put together — matching lingerie is a definite plus.

You have to be proud to have her on your arm and enjoy the sight of her in any light. And this doesn't mean that she has to be a Heidi Klum clone. Remember that beauty is in

the eye of the beholder, so if you think her full bottom or uncontrollable curls are beautiful, you're allowed.

8. She's sexual

While we're on the topic, a great girlfriend has to be

sexually compatible with you. For instance, if you're into S&M and she's more the "fluffy lingerie" type, that's a problem. The two of you have to be on the same page — or, at least, she has to be willing to wear leather and use a whip from time to time.

Of course, this doesn't imply that she has to know all the right moves straight away; it simply means that you and she have an undeniable attraction toward each other, and are able to communicate your desires verbally (or with physical cues). It is important that you please each other in the bedroom, or on top of the dryer — whatever the case may be.

9. She's intelligent

I hate to be the one to tell you this, but the bimbo routine gets real old, real fast. Instead of being the one in total control, you'll find yourself trying to figure out what she's really thinking behind those glazed eyes of hers — or if she's actually thinking at all.


intelligent woman will constantly surprise you and keep you on your toes. She won't let you get bored of her. Besides, it's nice to have something to talk about between all that chandelier-hanging sex.

10. She's independent

No one wants a girlfriend they have to baby-sit. Once in a while, like if she's had a rough day at work, it's great to be her shoulder to cry on, but if she can't seem to function without you and is constantly after you, she will eventually make you feel like you're suffocating, which is a surefire way to get you running out the nearest exit.

On the other hand, if she has her very own personality and opinions, can

stand on her own two feet , both financially and emotionally, and is able to enjoy time away from you — while still missing you, of course — then she must be a great girlfriend.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Beauty Radiates From Within

Confidence Brings Out True Beauty


She'd spent hours preparing for their night out. From getting her nails done to shopping for the perfect dress to carefully arranging her hair and makeup, the end result was that she looked great. They'd hired a sitter and for the first time in months, they would be a couple again. Not parents, but a couple. But it would only be one night.

She emerges from the bathroom to find him sitting on the bed, adjusting his watch band. It has been years since she's looked this beautiful. The baby weight is gone now and she looks almost as good as they day they met. In some ways, even better. She knows the instant he looks at her, he'll be blown away.

"Did you leave the emergency numbers for the sitter?" she asks, knowing that will prompt him to look up.

With a slightly confused expression, he lifts his gaze. He focuses on her, squinting a little, then shakes his head. Without a word, he gets up and goes to the kitchen to put the numbers on the fridge.

She follows him. Obviously he was distracted by her question. It hurts a little that he wasn't blown away by her on first sight, but she'll give him another chance to redeem himself.

"Did you call to make the reservation?" he asks as she enters the kitchen. He walks from the fridge and stops at the edge of the counter. He's looking directly at her but she may as well be wearing the sweatpants and plain T-shirt that have become her daily wardrobe around here.

"Seven o'clock," she confims with a nod. And she waits. And waits. Still no compliment. The sitter arrives and they head out for the evening. As he opens the car door for her, she becomes all too aware that this evening can go two ways. She can throw a fit and ruin the evening or she can just push back her pain and try to forget that her husband no longer even looks at her anymore.
We all know which option she will choose.

Sometimes it seems as though a man would be better off murdering the family kitten than neglecting to tell his wife she's beautiful. Or going more than three months without sending her roses. Or calling her when he's going to be late coming home. I'm going to be the first woman in history to outwardly admit, we don't want to be hysterical about these things. We really don't.

We know even as we're saying the words just how nutty we sound, but we can't seem to help ourselves. You didn't say we were beautiful and in that moment we have an almost exhilirated anger with you because we know...

For this, you shall pay. And you shall pay dearly.

In preparation for this blog, I consulted my friend Bud, who has been happily married for years. He and his wife have learned a few things the hard way. Whenever a situation like this arises, instead of saying, "You didn't compliment me," which just puts him on the defensive, she'll say,

"Tell me how beautiful you think I am, in your own words." Or, "Tell me how much you love me." Instead of starting an argument, it becomes a fun little game, and it keeps him from feeling like she's saying he's a bad husband.

Men are not mind-readers. They just aren't. Sometimes life gets in the way, sometimes he takes a look at you and thinks, "Wow, she's so beautiful," but he can't quite find the words to express how he's feeling. Or maybe something happens that distracts him from telling you. Whatever the case, the woman feels taken for granted. She longs for those early days when you did tell her you thought she was beautiful. Back then you didn't assume she knew it. Back then you actually felt you had to tell her for her to know.

If I'm dressed up for the evening and he hasn't complimented me, I'm not sure there's anything I could do that would turn it around. The thing about romance is, if someone has to be told to do it, it loses its luster. But what I'm suggesting is that maybe men just need a little nudge every now and then.

Something that lets them know you need something that he isn't providing. And since temper tantrums only serve to completely destroy the evening, maybe simply asking for what we want is a more productive solution. How about saying, "Look at me and tell me what you think." Or, better yet, how about complimenting him and seeing if he says something in return?

But whatever you do, asking, "Do I look fat?" is NEVER a good idea!

Loving You


When I fall in love,
I want to be
with this person,
In happiness,
to smile with this person,
and be the one
to hug this person near.
In sadness,
to cry with with this person,
and be the one
to dry this person tears.
When I fall in love,
I will spend my
every waking
and sleeping
withthis person
and catch each
moment in its

When I fall in love,I will miss this person
the very moment
I say 'goodbye'
and my heart
will yearn for
the very moment
I say ‘hello'.
When I fall in love,
all my old hurts
and pains
will seem
lost and
and I will be
strong and
When I fall in love,
I want you
to be happy
always, ever
and feel like
the happiest
of them all . . .
Because that's
what I will feel,
when I fall in love,
with you.