Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Rose In Torn

RareLightning Spears

No ulterior motive

Nothing up my sleeve

Nothing you did or said

You were just you

Didn’t have to buy me anything

Didn’t have to wine or dine me or anything

Ever and persistent

My desire for you from a distance

I love you for who you are

No agenda at all

Nothing to win but you

Nothing I would not do

You were just being you

Didn’t have to spend a lot of money

Didn’t have to call my jokes funny

Always and forever

My love for you fades never

I love you for all that you are

Not some reward

Not for anything you’ve done

Not even for being so true

Just for being you

Didn’t need to go out of your way

Didn’t need to bend over backwards

I’d hold you close or love you from far away

So much to giveSo much love to share

No one could ever compare

You’re a find you are

You’re rare Take my breath, my very air

At your beauty I constantly stare

Love you for beauty you hide

Love you not for anything you’ve got

Love you for the angel inside

Love you not for just you looking so hot

Love you so much it ought to be a crime

Love you so until the end of time

Love you as if you were already mine

Love you like no other

You are such a rare find

Hold you close or love you from afar

I love you for who it is that you are.

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