Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Truth Behind The Smile

Behind my smile

People in my life lately always want to know why i'm so happy or curious as to why I look for the best in everything ....Well I have had my fair share of mistakes like everyone else and I am far from perfect but I am learning and growing each day. I realized the importance to me in life is to truly follow my heart and surround my self with great people.I like to have that karisma around me that way people can always remember that glow. I also came to the realization I want to be a true leader not a follower and impact people/ the world in a beautiful way. I value my health, faith , motherhood and helping others as far as donating my time to charities or where ever I can make a small difference; a helping hand never hurt anyone. The small things in life are too often over looked when really they are some times the most important . Cherish your health don't take life for granted . Live, Love, Learn, forgive you will find your heart and eventually You will find clarity/truth because you are the only one that has to look your self in the mirror each day. I found my self or I should say I am still seeking my self not only through life experience's but I actually sat down and wrote my own obituary scary thought kinda morbid..But it makes you realize how you want to be remembered. We all have an inner beauty in us so let it shine.


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