Saturday, November 21, 2009


Walking The Walk
(a short story)

Interesting how excited she became when I asked if she would like to go for a walk. A simple pleasure I thought would be nice for us to partake in. We set forth into the night air which was clear, crisp, and cool. Bright stars looked down upon us while a mild wind brushed over our faces, infusing our minds with the pure joy and satisfaction of togetherness. The smiles on our faces brightened the dark sky much more than the moon ever could as we shared short kisses filled with affirmations.

We talked about how our pasts shaped us in to the persons we are today. About the hopes for how our present day activities will shape our future. We shared our beliefs, our perspectives on several things and with each step, each word, each moment of silence we became closer, actually becoming a part of each others own body. Walking yet finding calm within the ruckus of life that we were surrounded by. I could feel the emanation of her love as we held hands. This love I felt, this love she wanted me to realize that she held for me, was far beyond anything she had ever spoke of.

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