Friday, April 2, 2010

"One Man's Dream"

Let me give all that I can, whenever I can, to all that I can. It is a simple plan for the remaining time here on this good earth. It is a cleansing of one's soul. When I have given all that I can, and loved all I that I can, it completes me.

My dream is for all people on Earth to have faith in a greater power than us. Every little thing around you is from a divine plan. Every storm in life is a lesson to be learned. Every smile and every tear is witnessed. The very moon was placed exactly in the right place in the heavens. One little shift of the moon and the oceans would overtake the land. The sun was placed exactly in the right place. One little shift of the sun and the entire world would be a desert.

Man only thinks he can control life around him. Man controls nothing. What he has tried to control, he has destroyed. I share with you these things that you already know. When we all go to bed at the end of the day no matter who you are, a king, a beggar, a president, a rich man, a poor man, a doctor, a mechanic, a teacher, a preacher, all lay their heads down and sometimes think what is this really all about? Is this all that there is? Is there more?

Yes there is more.......I believe with all of my being that there is more! This life with all it's beauty and also all it's hurting, is only but a step into the gates of forever and ever. So enjoy everything that is given to you, good and bad. And live each day like it is your last here on earth.

And remember to give something back, whenever you can. This is just my dream, what may be yours?

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