Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The State Of Ignorance

Disclaimer: This is not directed at any one person. More like the human race as a whole.

I have no hope for the human race. Intellectualism is dying. Nobody thinks anymore, they just merely cry with outrage at anything that makes their lives even remotely uncomfortable. Pleasure, that’s all this generation cares about. Whatever can make their lives easier. They don’t pay attention to the issues of the world, just what’s going to make them the happiest.

Each generation seems to be less intelligent then the one before it, less able to think for itself, more ignorant of the world around it. You can see it every day. Each freshman class that has come after mine seems to be worse than the last.

For example, my AP Literature teacher also teaches normal freshman classes. Looking at the way they paraphrase the works of Shakespeare are simply embarrassing. It’s clear they gave no effort at all into the thought of the greatest literary genius of all time. One of them even spelt Shakespeare and person wrong. Then refused to correct it when they were told the right way to spell it.

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