Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Happiness does'nt go hand in hand with other emotions.It's a bad boy who doesn't play well with others.You will never achieve him if you are friends with any of the other emotions ,for he is a sore loser,a loner.Happiness can only stay with you for a little while.Those of you who have him know he's quickly gone as soon as another emotion takes over.Before having his place taken , sometimes,he might linger in anticipation that you may want him back.Happiness is a fleeting emotion.Some are lucky to hold him for long amounts of time.But they are usually by a chosen few,the very young who are sheltered from the other emotions ,or,someone with optimism caused by an underlying condition.It's a bad bedfellow.

In dreams it is often washed away upon the light of day.Upon the waking of reality.Happiness doesn't get along with pride.Pride holds him back.Happiness never liked vanity.For as looks fade,years can erase the smile of nacissism and happiness is gone.Happiness doesn't work well with the poor,the hungry,the lonely,or the depressed .The sick, the dying,the weary, and the troubled.This emotion is never called upon in these circles.When you find happiness,tell him he needs to visit people more often.To put aside all the others within someones heart and look for the good,give a cheer,lend it's helping hand in a world that so desperately needs him.For if we erase all other emotions,happiness will embrace each one of us..

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