Thursday, June 4, 2009


Throughout my entire life I have overlooked and forgiven disrespect for various reasons and have allowed myself to be treated VERY badly... especially by those closest to me. Instead of allowing natural reactions (beating the the piss out of 'em, or doing whatever to make myself feel better) I have bottled my emotions, reminded myself to act like a girl (to the best of my ability) and chose the 'higher road' so to speak... (not to mention the years spent crying myself to sleep; wondering, identifying and taking responsibility for the whys...)I suppose the psychoanalysis of the self inflicted mark would deduce an outlet or expression of repressed emotions (burning hate, rage and sadness) in dealing with such betrayal and disappointment... OK, so you could say..

I'm overly sensitive: I would agree....anyway...The tattoo is to remind me what is most important so that I may respect myself and my values enough to avoid lowering my standards: So that I (remember to) never again volunteer for a position to be taken advantage of or let down: To be even MORE cautious concerning who is in my vicinity and what they are capable of. If that means I will fly solo for eternity, oh fucking well... so be it.

Liars, cheaters, thieves, bullies, manipulators, perverts, slackers, users and abusers can all go to hell without me because I am tired of giving my heart, soul, fortune, hope and good will to such charities. Fuck all y'all who will step on others to get ahead. Fuck all of you parasites and emotional vampires who will suck others dry then move on. Fuck all of you who want or want to be me. I refuse to be your source. I have given enough. I finally recognize the difference between a fountain and a drain.

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