Sunday, June 7, 2009


A man can take a lifetime,

Deciding who it is he wants to be.

Sometimes facing reality,

With never stopping to see.

A man can be a hero to some,

Or a failure to many,Either way,

A man will feel he has tried his best.Some are fathers,

And some are husbands,But not many are both,

Or good at being both.

An army will fill itself with many men,

Some Brave,Some Scared,

Some just willing.Never knowing,

If they have reached excellence.

The world puts great promise,

Upon a mans shoulders,

Never understanding,

They are that of just men;

Nothing More,Nothing Less

Just Men.

Yet life puts men above women,

And now we have understanding of life.

For it will always be a woman,

Who holds that man up,

And together in the eyes of this life.

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