Saturday, May 30, 2009

Think Before You Act

Our actions reflects what kind of person we are.We should always be aware that we are the ones whose accountable in all our actions.We could never blame anyone for anything bec. God created us with individual minds to be capable to think for ourselves depending no one.We should always consider the pros & cons of our actions before doing it not just focus on the present event.Many of us fail to consider to see what will be the final outcome of their actions we tend to ignore the consequences bec. of our own selfish desire,all we think is what will be our primary benefit or the present outcome of it.We ignore the other cause & effect that would arise from our present action.Then if something bad happens resulting from what we have done from the past that can ruin our present lives we tend to blame ourselves or we try to find someone else to put the blame.But in reality even it is hard to admit we are the only one that is sole responsible of every action we make.No one is perfect & everybody commit mistakes.Isn’t it much nicer to learn from those mistakes rather than commiting the same mistakes all over again.

It is true that experience is the best teacher in life but that doesn’t mean that it is necessary to experience all things before we learn what is good & what is bad for us.Sometimes we need to think & analyze things so we can prevent unwanted situations.

“Always remember that PREVENTION is better than CURE.”

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