Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Distant Lover

women always worry about things men forget ,
men always worry bout things women remember,
know wonder we can't come together ,
a man falls in love with his eyes,

a woman through her ears ,
the great divide is oh so clear,
women marry men hoping they will change,
men marry women hoping they stay the same,

a woman vision is deep reaching ,
a mans vision is far reaching,
listen to these words and their meaning,
opposite do attract divided we fall ,
united we can conger all ,

God in all his wisdom made it to be this way,
God knew man and woman had to be opposites,
his reason being they must learn to work as a team,
playing off the strengths of the other,

sad but true man woman have drifted away ,
each living life in their own self imposed isolation ,
to proud to come together for them selfishness rules
bickering self serving motives its all about me

know wonder stalemate often comes about,
in the form of divorce irreconcilable differences,
through inedible disappointment where is atonement,
love is forever the next time i get married it will be.

through sickness and health poorness and wealth .
please if you wish to be with me this you must not forget ,
opposites do attract trust in me you will see ,
i got your front sides and back ,

i am a poet i am a lover,i am a seer ,
i am a pleaser,such a teaser a joker,
a honey spot stroker ,
thats why i am lonely ,

wont compromised if she is to be my wife,
she must be willing to live as one in life,
whats mines is hers what hers is mines,
together we will live our world all about love,

yes it is true all i ever needed in my life ,
was one good woman to do me right,
i got what you need you got what i want,
opposites do attract

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