Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Dream

i have big dreams, you know.

dreams about music and writing and talking and loving.
dreams about traveling the world,

taking in the beauty,taking in the pain.
i have dreams about a world where i have self-confidence;
dreams where i am secure and composed and okay.

i have dreams in which i do everything i should.
dreams in which i am successful, optimistic; hopeful.

i have dreams about standing on stages and making music,
watching people's eyes fill with tears and joy
as they hear their own stories in my songs;their songs.

i have big dreams, you know.

i have dreams in which i can cry whenever i feel like crying;
dreams about singing when i feel like singing,
laughing when i feel like laughing,
and loving whenever and wherever somebody needs it.

i have dreams about everything being okay.
dreams about homeless people finding shelter; finding home.
dreams about hungry people eating until they are full.

dreams about thirsty people finding water.

dreams about poor people finding jobs
and security and a better future.
dreams about sick people being healed.
dreams about broken people being restored to life.

these are dreams about other people
but they are also dreams about myself.
i am those people....

sometimes i feel like i have no place to call home
i feel hungry and thirsty and poor and sick.

i feel like there is no hope for me; no future for me,
no life outside my head. i have big dreams,
you know.i hope you have big dreams too.
and i hope that you are not afraid to talk about them.

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