Monday, September 14, 2009

Those three words above have so much power, so much meaning in my opinion. My belief is that everyone is beautiful. We all have that picture of the perfect body image in our heads. But the truth is, you will never become that person that is inside your mind. THAT is a perfect person, and NO ONE is perfect. Most of society has been conditioned to think 'beautiful' as a pretty skinny girl , an athletic guy with muscles, designer clothing, pretty much within the norm of society. I find that to be really sad.

I know it's not easy to think you're beautiful. It takes time, but ANYONE can change their thoughts. PLEASE don't make yourself throw up anymore. You ARE skinny enough, you ARE beautiful. Please don't change yourself to fit in with the 'norm' because you ARE unique, which is BEAUTIFUL. Beauty is what the heart is. If you have a heart full of love than you're beautiful, If not than you need some love.

When you wake up tomorrow, when you're at the toilet throwing up because you don't feel skinny, when you are cutting yourself to take away that emotional pain, when the memories of rape haunt you, look into the mirror and say "I AM BEAUTIFUL." I seriously want you to do that. Comment here when you did!

Why I want you to do that is because I learned something in psychology the other day. It's called 'cognitive thinking'. Cognitive thinking basically means "you are what you think you are". If you think and say your beautiful, than you'll feel beautiful for example.

Your past, and your scars tell a story which is beautiful. Your pain has a purpose. Your story is meant to be heard. You have the power to change lives, and change the world! Do it! Feel beautiful! Be proud of who you are today!

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