Wednesday, September 2, 2009

You wouldn't like me when I am angry!

Writing helps me express my emotions.~~~~~~~~~Stop me from saying things I will regret. I am the one who preaches "Sorry doesn't heal the scars."I am afraid I am about to inflict deep scars.I am very good at psychology. I can find the things that one doesn't want anyone to see, "thinks" nobody knows, take those things and CUT someone to shreds.When it comes to being mean, I am QUEEN!Yeah me. The sweet, caring, one. People have been surprised at what a sweet soul like me can be capable of.

Maybe it is because I hardly ever get mad. I am very peaceful. Like Mt St. Helen's, she rarely blows, but when she does . Or maybe it was because I was pushed very hard over and over and over and over and over................I then turned into someone they didn't know. Wished they didn't know. Although, everything I did was legal. It was still wrong. I recall this happened ONCE when I was with my ex-husband of 18 years. He said "Remind me if we ever get a divorce, NOT to f*ck with you." When we divorced, he didn't. I can make them wish, beg that I would stop being mad.I don't want to be Queen at that.It is one thing I don't like about me. For the most part, I have complete control over it.For I know "Sorry doesn't heal the scars." And I will be sorry when I am done being pissed off.I know we all make mistakes. Sometimes we just didn't stop to think about how the other person would feel.Why would I want this person to be as hurt as I am now?

Revenge is NOT sweet.
It is MEAN, evil, and wrong.
Patience, tolerance, acceptance and love is sweet.

Time to take a deep breath and bite my evil tongue.

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