Sunday, May 17, 2009


The true test of FAITH is not your attitude in times of peace

But you disposition in times of crisis;

Your ability to remain calm and confident in the storms of life,

Is a reflection of how much grace you have in you

And how much trust you have in God.

When you say a situation is hopeless,

You belittle God, undermine His power and make Him a liar.

What can be more demeaning and dishonoring-?

Than declaring “impossibility” before Him

Who says “all things are possible”?

The WILL of God will not lead you

Where the grace of God cannot keep you.

Whatever God allows in your life,

He gives you apple grace to cope with it

And sufficient strength to triumph in it.

Fear does not make you escape evil,

It only makes you unfit to cope with it

When it comes.

So, banish fears, worries and doubts

And rest in your father’s infinite love, grace and care.

He has never failed and He will never fail.

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