Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Life and God are one and the same. You are God's child. God would never close all the doors around you. His unlimited love and compassion wouldn't allow Him to be that cruel. God always keeps more than one door open. They may look as if they were closed, but they have, in fact, been left slightly ajar.

Just a mild knock is enough and they'll give way. But our eyes are blinded by our ignorance. We fail to see the open doors through which the light of God's grace is pouring in.My child, never lose courage. Never lose your trust in God or in life. Always be optimistic, no matter what situations you find yourself in. It's very important to be optimistic. Pessimism is a form of darkness, a form of ignorance that prevents God's light from entering into your life.

Pessimism is like a curse, an illusory curse created by the illusory mind. Life is filled with God's light, but only by being optimistic will you experience that light.Look at the optimism of nature. Nothing can stop it. Every aspect of nature tirelessly contributes its share to life. The participation of a little bird, and animal, a tree, or a flower is always complete. No matter what the hardships, they continue to try, wholeheartedly.

Only humans are pessimistic, and this causes suffering.Amma knows it isn't easy to always be optimistic. You may ask, how is it possible to be optimistic in the face of the many hardships and sorrows in life? It is true that it's difficult--but by being pessimistic you move towards even greater despair and darkness. All your strength and clarity of mind gets dissipated, and in the darkness of pessimism you feel abandoned and isolated. Optimism is the light of God. It is a form of grace which allows you to be much more perceptive and to look at life with greater clarity.

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