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A man can feel a certain level of attraction for you that will have him act loving, but is only as deep as him knowing that he wants to get physical with you.It's another kind of attraction altogether for a man to want a long-term relationship with you.Do you know what it is a woman can do that makes the difference?

Do you know how to trigger the kind of attraction that gets a man to naturally open up, share himself and think about the future with you?I'm not talking about purely physical attraction, or the kind that makes a man want to BE physical with you.You know, like the kind of "attraction" that makes a man want just a casual fling... or a Friends With Benefits situation only.No, I'm talking about the kind of Intellectual and Emotional Attraction that makes a man want to be around you... and want to have you in his life for the long-term.

I'm talking about the kind of attraction that makes him think about you all the time. The kind that makes his heart leap whenever he remembers the times he spent with you.Here's a secret about creating that kind of feeling inside a man:It's completely possible to do or say certain things that will turn on that magic switch inside a man's mind that will make him sit up and take notice... that will make him emotionally attracted to you.At the same time, there are ways to KILL any chance of that kind of attraction...and these are common mistakes that many women carelessly make (especially when they are really INTO a guy).Read this special letter I wrote about my "Natural And Lasting Attraction" program, where I give you some free tips, DO's and DON'Ts when it comes to being irresistible to a man:

Today I'm answering a question I received via email that I know you'll be interested in, because it points out the one biggest mistake that so many women make when it comes to getting "physical" with a man. Read on...>>>

Question From A Reader:I purchased your e-book last night and have been reading it. Wow! But I admit I skipped to some parts to get to others that I thought I needed toread first... and now I'm going back to read the entire thing. I wanted to share something with youfirst that struck me.I have made the mistake of admitting to a friend that I have feelings for him - more than afriendship. We have been intimate with each other about 3 times. Everything was fine until I mentioned my feelings to him. I wasn't asking himfor a relationship...but he took it that way. I have since then been pouring my heart out to him and pretty much looking insane.Is there any way to save it? I know he hasfeelings for me.Please help...and tell me how to reverse thedamage I have done.Thanks so muchT.>>>

My Thoughts:WAKE UP GIRL! I've got to knock some sense into you for your own good. Since you have my eBook, go back to Chapter 6 and read it again. Your fears are taking over your emotions...which in turn is driving the behavior that your guy is responding negatively to. You've stopped steering your life emotionally and you've let go of the wheel.

In Chapter 6, read about the "Emotional Gap," and about "Setting Yourself Apart From Other Women," starting on page 159. And I've got some new ideas for you too... There's an important scientific word I want you to learn and remember. You ready? Here it is: "Duh." You OBVIOUSLY have real feelings for him -you're sleeping with him! And I'm willing to bet you had these feelingsall along, but you just weren't completely upfront about them. Your situation is possibly the WORST kind ofuphill battle a woman can have with a man early on. It's a BIG NO-NO. Actually, it's "THE" big NO-NO in the earlydating stage...

Using purely "physical attraction" to start a potential relationship. For most men, it's easy to go from a meaningful and committed relationship to one that's casual and purely physical. But, it is almost impossible to go from the"friends-with-benefits" situation to a deep,fulfilling, intimate and lasting situation. I know this firsthand, both from my own love life and from talking to lots of men and women I've known in my life.

So... rarely do I give rules, but here's anabsolute RULE when it comes to men: DON'T EVER try and start things with a man at a casual and purely physical level if you EVER want the option for something more meaningful or long-term. Men don't work this way, like it or not. And don't try to get a man BACK with physical attraction and sex either. It's a dead-end street.

OK... now that I've got that off my chest, here's the first thing you need to do. Go read my book again. (Just buying it won't help you.) I write about Sex and Commitment in Chapter 8, on page 241. I reveal exactly what men think about the whole "friends with benefits" situation and how to time sex with dating so you're not left feeling "insane" when a man just doesn't want anything more than a purely physical relationship.

(And if you're reading this now and want to get your own copy of my eBook, "Catch Him & Keep Him" and be reading it in minutes, click on the link below. You can try it free for a full 7 days before you commit to paying for it):

Here's the worst part of this whole situation. You're smart and you know better. I can tell. It doesn't surprise me that you couldn't see this coming. Somehow, when you're in the thick of it, attraction and "love" can blind you. So I'm going to give you a refresher course in what to do and in order to have the happiness and love you need...and deserve. I'm going to give you 4 simple rules to follow that will guarantee you won't be "stuck" with a Friends With Benefits situation ever again. Ready? Ok, here we go...

1. KNOW YOURSELF AND WHAT YOU'RE AFTER You said, "I have made the mistake of admitting to a friend that I have feelings for him." It's NOT a mistake to share your feelings with a man. It IS a mistake to share your feelings with aman 1) too early and

2) in a negative context. You set yourself up for failure by choosing and "tolerating" a situation that just doesn't work for you. That situation is being "ok" with a purely physical situation when in fact you need - and want - more.

When you're OK with the way things are one minute, but then are looking and asking for something more and saying you're not happy withthe way things are NOW, you've INSTANTLY becomethe kill-joy and antagonist in the relationship.

One minute you're blissfully happy in his embrace and then a day or two later you're sulking and awkward because you just blurted out what you feel or what you want, and you've taken him by surprise.

All because of a "talk" you wanted to have with him. Yeah, I'm being a bit harsh here, but it's for your own good. Instead of being open with yourself about what YOU are truly after, you pursued this "friends with benefits" strategy to get things moving.

That's why you're freaking out. You thought you could handle it. You thought you'd get something out of it. And for a minute, it was fun. But then your feelings snuck up on you. Eventually you were reminded of what you're really after with a man and what you value. Right now you have two pictures in your mind:One picture is of this "casual" thing going on.And the other one is what you actually want. The two pictures are so radically different and far apart from each other, that it's no wonder you're acting "insane."

Your expectations are COMPLETELY out of line for what you're ACTUALLY doing with this guy. It's time to stop creating situations in yourlife that you KNOW won't make you happy orcomfortable in the long run - even if they feelgood in the moment.

2. FIND YOUR PERSONAL STANDARDS & REQUIREMENTS...AND THEN STICK TO THEM Starting things with a man in this "casual sex"way, is a SUREFIRE way to ruin your odds ofcreating something more meaningful in the future. I'm a guy. I know. But, more importantly, getting into a "casual"situation with a man you might want to date more seriously and exclusively, has a VERY HIGH potential to make you FEEL AWFUL.

So... Unless you're one out of a hundred thousandwomen who gets "swept off her feet" by an open, caring, great communicator, who makes moving into a committed relationship effortless... then you're going to have to start asking yourself some real questions about what you really want from your love life.

And once you have the answers, actually be honest about them from the start. Here's an important question to ask yourself: "WHAT ARE MY NEEDS?" And I do mean YOUR needs. Not his. Not what you're accepting or tolerating or hoping to get from a man just because there's nothing better around right now. Be clear here and think it through. I'll give you a minute...

Most of the women I know who are dating have a set of subconscious requirements from the men they're seeing. That those men are honest. That they are exclusive. That it's going somewhere, and it's not just going to be casual dating forever. But these aren't things they are willing or able to communicate directly with the man they're seeing. So, they end up in a situation that is anything but what they were looking for.

They say, "This is fine for now. I'm just enjoying myself." They are not being honest with themselves about their bottom-line "must-haves" and therefore can'texpress these things to the man, either.

From my experience, here are a few of these "must-haves" that women often aren't honest about at the start:- That any man they're involved with, in any way, isn't dating or still involved with another woman- That he's open and ready to explore a seriousrelationship once they get to know each other- That they share the same values andpriorities (or he can at least appreciate and support her values)

So, how in touch are you with your REQUIREMENTS for feeling good when it comes to men and dating? And how do you communicate these to a man? Do you do it indirectly by acting frustrated and angry when your needs aren't being met, after you've already become intimate and emotionally invested in the relationship?

Or do you do it directly and in a positivecontext as things are GETTING STARTED, so you're in sync from the get-go? Remember, 99% of the time, a man is NOT going to make the right decisions for you, or magically and telepathically recognize and meet all your needs. Sticking to a set of minimum standards and then communicating those helps show a man what it's going to take to make you happy.


I observed something FASCINATING about people and relationships a few years back. When we're in a situation that causes bad feelings and friction of some kind, there is always some kind of "payoff" for one or the other person...and that's why they persist in sticking with the bad situation. Here's what you're getting out of the "casual"thing... You get a safe and risk-free path to get closeto this guy.

Even though technically you're not "close" at all. I call this "working it from the 'friend zone'." After all, how vulnerable would you be if youshared what you REALLY were looking for upfront, BEFORE you slept with him? You might be disappointed or rejected, or you would be unable to continue the "friendship" that you have right now.

And maybe having to start over alone mightactually be worse in your mind than havingsomething crappy and low-quality that you're "tolerating" now. But if you look deeper, you'll probably see that your desire for something more was there all along underneath the surface. Therefore, I doubt that you could have been "just friends" with him anyway, even if you never slept together, without you feeling short-changed in some way.

That's why you have to show a man that you're strong and you know what you want, and you won't settle for scraps or second-best or "good enough for now." My favorite way of thinking about how to dothis, is to be like a "velvet hammer." Be strong and assertive, but warm and gentle at the same time. Say, "I really like you.

Probably too much to be JUST friends. This is why I'm not sure we should continue this situation unless you feel thesame way." If you can say this in a way that doesn't include BLAME or guilt or pressure from you, the response a man will give will be MAGICAL.

He'll open up and meet you at the level of honesty and respect you're coming at him with. And as tough or self-centered doing this might sound right now, this is exactly what you need to say to a man if you really want something more with him. And doing this, and only this, can get you out of your "friends with benefits" situation and into a great relationship. Trying anything else is almost sure to end up in a series of misunderstandings and hurt feelings. But you might be thinking- WHY does this kind of language work with a man?

Because it sends a strong SUBCONSCIOUS signal to a man that the woman is in CONTROL of her lifeand her world. There's nothing that triggers more intense"long-term" attraction in a healthy and matureman, than a woman who he CAN'T control and who doesn't get thrown off-balance when her needsaren't met.

Using the "velvet hammer" also has anotherAMAZING benefit that women don't often recognize... or they don't even see as a benefitat first. It WEEDS OUT the guys who DO need to go away because they're never going to (or just don't wantto) get their act together in the first place. You don't want to be stuck in a dead-end situation that's just going to make you feel WORSEthan you felt before you met him, do you?

Of course not. And sure, sometimes a guy will hear that and disappear for a while. But the best part is, if he's one of the "good guys" you want to be with for the long-term, he'll come back around. And when he does, he'll have done all the leg work to be a better, more conscientious partner. The kind of partner you could have never molded through any amount of fixing or convincing.

4. DISCOVER AND USE WHAT CREATES DEEPER ATTRACTION AND CONNECTION WITH MEN Ever hear of "approval-seeking" behavior? It's when we try to do and say things simply toget a positive reaction or judgment aboutourselves from someone else. Well, it's a HUGE MISTAKE to make with a manearly on.

Your need for your guy's APPROVAL is your worst enemy right now. To him, what you're doing is actually thecomplete OPPOSITE OF ATTRACTIVE. I'll give you an example... Have you ever seen what it looks like when aman is shamelessly seeking the approval of awoman? As he's just getting to know her and he seesthat she hasn't completely made up her mind to want to be with him, what does he do? He buys her gifts. He calls her all the time. He offers to do favors and errands for her. All these are attempts to prove to her thathe's good enough to be with her or to get herattention. This is also known as the "really nice guy" approach. Women just never seem to quite "feel it" forthe super-nice guy. Not because of the gifts and flowers and favors, anyway. A guy can already be attractive AND do nicethings... agreed?

But doing nice things doesn't MAKE a man more attractive. Instead of feeling attracted to a guy youweren't too "into" at first, you start losingrespect for him when he goes overboard and triestoo hard with the calls, favors and gifts. You lose respect because you know you can CONTROL him. This isn't conscious, either. It's just how you feel, and feelings are pretty powerful forces.

Ever stop to think that the same thing mightwork in reverse between a woman's behavior and a man's? That a man may feel like he can "control" you if you're running around trying to please him or do favors for him or be "nice" to him in order to get him to want you? Interesting... For men, approval-seeking behavior KILLS thespark that comes from a man's uncertainty of notknowing exactly how the woman he's with is going to think and act. If he can predict what you're going to do and feels like he has you "in the palm of his hand", what is he going to wonder about when it comes to you?

And what if you start acting predictablyNEGATIVE? Think about it... It's a "natural tension" and challenge ofnot having CONTROL and uncertainty that creates strong ATTRACTION in men.HERE'S WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT What most women ask in situations when a man isn't responding the way they want him to is... "WHY is he acting this way and how do I make sense of it and "fix" it?" Well, you can't "fix" a man. And I really feel for you if you're one of those women who are trying. But, you CAN change a situation and theFEELINGS that a man is having for you.You can change how he experiences you.

The toughest and most important thing tounderstand is that men's behavior and thinking in these situations isn't at all LOGICAL. In other words, how a man reacts doesn't make ANY "sense" and doesn't follow any rhymeor reason. So, of course, it baffles and frustrates womenwhen they run it through their own "sense-making filters." Let me ask you a question... If you were an attractive man, would you wantto find a woman who you had to TEACH how to make you attracted and feel good... or would you want a woman who just "got it" on her own naturally...and everything flowed? Duh. (There's that scientific word again.) You'd want the woman who already "got it."

So, more likely than a conspiracy againstwomen, men just naturally respond to women who GET IT, and DON'T respond to women who DON'T. OK, let's talk about these concepts a littlebit more. Attraction, and wanting to be with a woman, isabout a man perceiving that he and a woman are "naturally compatible" because his emotional and physical sparks fly when he's around her.NOTE: I did NOT use the word "logical" here.

Attraction and wanting to be with a woman long-term is NOT the result of a man meeting a woman and then thinking to himself: "Let's see...she's got a good job, works hard, is pretty cute, and is a really good person... Hmmm, I think that we have some natural attractiongoing on here." WRONG.

For a man, attraction and the desire to be witha woman (and stay with her) is either THERE or it ISN'T. There are no two ways about it. Fortunately for you I've put together an entire program just about attraction: how it works for a man, how to trigger it, what to avoid doing so you don't accidentally "kill" it. Exactly what does it take for a man to feel a longing for you, to feel connected and devoted to your happiness?

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