Friday, May 22, 2009

Who Is God?

The term God is common but can be problematic. It is fan how most of us can profess the name but without knowing what the word or the personality who is being described is.

who is God or what is God is an everlasting qoestion thius suggests that before we even ask the question someone heard asked the same question. What amaze me is the fact that the qeustion being everlasting does not have an everlasting answer

However this term or this pesonality can be know and can be defined. Why is it then we do not have the same definiton. FOr example what is a car will universaly have the same answer but what is God will not universally recieve the same answer.

God is a term that was coined by Theologians from different religions to mean a Divine Being that is surprime and above all that was ever created. The challege we encounter is as a result of different religion and different Gods. You arte right we are faced with the other crucial question, "if there are more than one God , then which one is the real one" At the same time the term real is very relative and can impliy alot of things. We can be sure however, that the God can be characterized by love and truth and holiness, is this in your God if yes then He is the real one, his love is unconditional.God further more is a living being and spirit

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