Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I want to just start with this: I want a witness to my life!

I recently heard this in a movie, but I've been saying it all my life!

I have friends come to me and ask me questions like "Why isnt it working?" or What can I do to fix it with him/her?" and I give them all the same answer.


If that person wanted to be there they WOULD be there.

Its as simple as that.

A person who loves you is a witness to your life, loves and your passion. They are witnesses to your accomplishments and even to your failures that make you stronger! They are a witness that you lived your life out loud.

With that said here is what I want in a woman. If you women can print an application up then I can too.

I want a woman who doesnt give a damn about public displays of affections. If we are out in public I want to hold hands, kiss you and snuggle close cause thats how we roll. We're in love lets act like it and the hell with anyone who doesnt like it.

I want a lady who IS a lady but has enough sense of adventure to be ok getting dirty as well.

I want someone who loves me just for me, not what I can give her monetarily or what she can use me for.

I want to know when you say you love me its me you're thinking of too! No people who are still hanging on to someone who doesnt give a damn about you. If the guy your thinking of isnt there he doesnt WANT to be there and thats just bottom line.

I want a lady who if I say I want to go scuba diving, then she is rushing off to the closet to help me get OUR gear packed and ready to go. I want a scuba partner with a sense of adventure.

I want someone who loves theme parks, natural caverns and all the other fun stuff to do.

I want someone who doesnt mind that side of me at times that doesnt plan a trip I just get up and say lets go. Nine times out of ten those are the most fun trips you can take.

I want someone who means exactly what she says and is honest with me. Even if you have to hurt my feelings at least be kindly honest, and be WHO you say you are!

I want someone as passionate as I am.

I want someone who can love a person with unconditional love.

I want someone who is sane and no just out to hurt someone else or even the score between the battle of the sexes. As far as I'm concerned there is no battle.

I want a woman that takes care of herself cause if we get together as a couple I dont want to have to bury you two years after we're married. Accidents and surprises aside what I'm talking about is that I want you to want to be there and to take care of yourself so we have a long happy life together.

Be my lover, my partner and my friend and damn it be my team mate too!

I want someone excited about coming home to see me cause if I'm in love with someone I'm damn well counting down the minutes to come home to you.

I want a woman who doesnt mind me going shopping with her and that doesnt mind me sitting near the booth while you try on clothes and even showing me what your trying on. (Even if its a night gown!)

I want someone who wants to watch a sunset with me.

I want someone who when I say I am going riding, she is already grabbing her helmet, leather jacket and telling me to wait till she puts on her boots so she can go with me.

I want someone not afraid to dance.

I want someone who's not afraid to sing.

I want someone that wont settle for me being less than who I am and who makes me want to be a better person.

I'm a complete person but I want someone who makes me feel like she completes me.

I want someone who can forgive me when I screw up.

I want someone who loves to lay in bed on rainy days and watch the lightening and listen to the rain and thunder and make love all day long.

I want a lady who loves to cook with me and try new dishes.

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