Friday, May 22, 2009

I'll meet you halfway. I'll meet you HALF WAY.

I used to be, until recently, the kind of person that would try too hard sometimes. To keep a friendship. To do whatever it took to show my affection, appreciation, desire to be in your life. Basically I was some distorted form of a kiss ass.Then I decided to stop. You can't stop right away 100%, because it's behaviour that comes naturally, familiarly and sometimes you only realize you acted the same way, after the fact.

That's how change is, it's an evolving, continuous and step by step process of re-conditioning and waking up.I would more than likely meet you beyond half way and sometimes all the way at your end. Over and over again. Now I like to play more evenly.

Of course due to gratefulness there are a certain few individuals I still bend over backwards for. But if you're a new recruit in my life, don't expect such treatment. And if you're from my past and you've abused your "special" status, be sure, it will be re-voked upon new inspection.Who died and made you think you were above me? I guess it's more like: Who woke up and made me realize I was just as good if not better than you?.

So you wanna be all cool and aloof? Go knock yourself out with that. You want me to always reach out to you? Hhhhmmm yeah, ok. You want to respond only at your convenience while I sit and wait for you? You want to greet me with a wall while I open my arms to you? You want to think I need you and there's not much I can offer you in return?

Well, you are entitled to be and think that way. And I am entitled to sit here, at my end, not moving again until you extend your pompous self.I will gladly meet you half way then. But not an inch further my friend. Please note: This blog is not directed at anyone in particular. More like a mass communication to some in the past, some in the present and all in the future.

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