Saturday, April 4, 2009

Be Full Of Yourself

Be full of yourself
You are perfect
You are divine
You are made of love
You are born of light
Anytime anyone anywhere disagrees
Get quiet as air
Face the silence
Open your arms to the breeze
Protest back if that is what you need
But I always have a better time
Closing my eyes and drifting off to sleep

Be full of yourself
Self fulfillment
God takes care of her cell
Self sustained self enjoyment
It is ok to let others see how special you are
You can’t be poor enough to make someone else rich
It is alright to know yourself as God knows you
You can’t be depressed enough to make someone else happy
It is great to give yourself the love you deserve
You can’t be sick enough to make someone else well
It is just fine to shine your light upon the earth
Why let others keep you from your light with their hell?
Remember the man on the throne is crying all alone
But is only in need of himself

Be full of yourself
Ground the unfamiliar heavy energy out
Take your mind straight to your soul and fill up
Before you are told who you are
And you believe it because you forgot how to love
The old must be released so the new can enter

Be full of yourself
You are a lover
You are a giver
You are a winner
Buy yourself a pretty dress
Drive on down to the beach
Dance yourself out in the wet moonlight
Beyond the reach of any touch that doesn’t leave you feeling loved

Be full of yourself
Don’t ever worry
You have yourself
You can do anything
All you need to do is realize you can,
Remember it, breathe it, radiate it
You are the harmony you came to earth to experience
You are the place where all possibility dreams
Galaxies, planets, stars all hold themselves deep within you
Congratulate yourself and allow yourself to receive
The unconditional love you breathe

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