Monday, April 27, 2009

Love Without Touch

Can you love someone you've never seen beyond your computer screen? Can you fall in love via e-mail? Once upon a time people had pen pals and fell in love via USPO. The electronic age provides a closer connection but can it possibly be love, or is it simply infatuation? I have a good friend who met her husband online and swears she loved him before she ever saw him. Is it possible? Can we free ourselves of the physical and love someone that we cannot touch? For those who believe in God and profess to love him, how is that any different? It's a love based on faith without real KNOWING. It's an intuition, a matter of heart... Tell me what you think.

Post script: For those that consented to an interview, I'm working on a list of questions for each of you! It may take awhile, but you'll be hearing from me.

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