Saturday, April 11, 2009

Just a love note for you...from my heart.

If you could open my heart's door and step inside, you'd be overtaken by an atmosphere of love that would take your breath away. You would feel arms so loving, a heart so caring, and feelings so strong that you would lose all track of time. You would be transported by a power so extraordinary that nothing would be impossible for you. You'd float on cotton candy clouds that would make you smile. You'd lose every care, every pain, every burden. No fear could live in this presence. Every anxiety would melt away...And you'd know that you had inspired all this love.

There would be a light so warm and real that is would lift you and heal you of any hurt you've ever experienced. It would take away every worry in your life and erase even the slightest scar on your soul. You'd know the essence of a magical love that paves the way for memories and smiles too sweet to capture in word pictures.

I love you beyond any expression that I could come up with, but I hope you can feel the enormity of emotion and overwhelming joy in my heart because you're you.

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