Saturday, April 11, 2009

What Beautiful Things That Are True About You?

You are appreciated and celebrated. Feel really good about who you are. About ll the greatest things you do! Aknowledge your talents and ablities. Realize what a beautiful person you are.

You are an inspiration. Among all the great things you do, you are capable of...Reaching down deep and searching within. Discovering how strong you can be. Rising up as high as a wishing star. And loving the possibilities you see.

You are such an amazing person. You're a one-of-a-king gift to this space and time. You're the only one in the universe exactly like you! You take good care of that rare remarkable soul. You deserve it.

You are blessed. You Know that it's easy to invest in the best riches of all, and that precious moments are most likely to come to those who search them out.

You are insightful. You know how important it is to... Believe in yourself. Be the miracle you are. Let the wonder in. Let all the worries out.

You are someone with great potential. You have the ability to make everyday special. Each new morning comes to us gift-wrapped, and fresh out of the box are moments we've never experienced before, opportunities we've never known, and chances we've never taken. What truly magnificent gift! Those with the "same-old, same-old" outlook let the chances just slip away. But those who understand the value of the gift? Well... they have a chance to turn the present.... into a really extraordinary day!

You are caring and creative. You have the ability to...Follow your heart. Trust your instincts. Listen to the song that sings in you. And Let your spirit dance to that tune.

You know the value of the best treasures. You know that although it's important to have enough material wealth to meet your needs, love ones and friends are real treasures of life, and happiness is the one of the real wealth.

Life is precious... and it's too short to spend it trying to accumulate things that, in the end, will pale in comparison to possessing peace of mind. Aim for the best level of health you can achieve, a place where you truly feel at home, feelings that make you feel so alive, the smiles your favorite memories can bring, and all those things of immense value... that will never have price tag on them.

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