Friday, April 24, 2009

How To Comment A Blog (In One Easy Lesson)

"Commenter's Block" ~ Has this ever happened to you? You get all geared up to visit blogs... Your blog page is loaded with new blogs to read and enjoy...However, you just can't seem to get started. You find that all the good comments are all taken. Oh, you may get lucky and get away with an occasional "frist" but, for the most part, you are simply hung out to dry.Let's face it... Only so many blogs are so wonderful that I want to call up my Mom and thank her for my having been born. On the other hand, few are so bad that I would gather honey from the hive with my bare hands rather than read them.You could just leave kudos, but there is no fun in that. So, with the help of my very good friend, Jannie, who kept the notes we had for another blog of hers some time back, I will attempt to make the process of commenting blogs just a bit more convenient, in an effort to expediate the process.What if all you had to do was put in letters of the alphabet? If all you had to do was insert A thru Z... Let's see :A - Good write. ~ This is universal in concept. Can mean, seriously good, or be used as acceptable filler. Really effective in collabs where you are expected to read and comment a very large number of blogs within a blog.B - You are constantly improving. ~ Means I really have a personal interest in you, but your writing is not what brings me here.C - ROFLMAO. ~ Can't go wrong with this one, unless there was no humor intended by the writer. In which case, this was probably not the way to go.D - Great write! ~ See "A" E - You don't know if you have lost a cow or found a rope. Means there is a possibilty the reader doubts the facts are factual.F - My sentiments exactly. ~ Means the reader agrees emotionally with the intended concept of the writing. Facts bear no relevance. Whe needs them at a time like this? They would only get in the way.G - So right! ~ Very effective, but only if the writer made just one point in the blog. H - What were you thinking? ~ Think, "Gathering honey from the hive with my bare hands," if this does not make sense.I - This is one for the archives. ~ While this may, at one time have been a positive remark, it has become the ultimate code phrase for said blog to be buried somewhere in the back of the archives, never to be seen or heard from again. J - You need to copyright this immediately! ~ Means this is so origonal, the writer needs to lay claim to it, as this concept is about to appear all over the network.K - Awesome !!! ~ Just what it says. Altogether positive remark. L - Does your wife read your blogs? She reads mine. ~ This is just wrong!M - * smiles * ~ I have no idea what this means.N - Powerful. ~ See "K"O - Touching. ~ No negative connotation here. Always acceptable.P - Meaningful. ~ Just what does this mean? Total vagueness. A favorite of mine.Q - Appropriate. ~ Does not say a lot, but says nothing wrong. Appropriate.R - You inspire me. ~ To do what?S - You make me wet. ~ I have seen this on occasion, but never here. Generally relegated to late night blogs. Ahem...T - Those Republican bastards! ~ One of the reasons I never blog politics.U - Worthwhile - Not sure if this refers to time spent writing or time spent reading. Note: Perceived value is relative.V - I forgot. That is not a comment. I really forgot what it was.W - Why is your blog so wide I have to go into the next room to read it all? ~ Generally, this is a result of a Photbucket malfunction, and not always the fault of the blogger, as much as that of an overzealous commenter.X - The X-Factor is a widely used trick seen mostly on poetry blogs, where the writing is so far over the head of the reader, that rather than make an attempt at guessing the percieved meaning, one or more lines from the blog will be repeated, as though they were the most pertinent lines written. It is interesting to note throughout the series of comments these "pertinent lines" will not be repeated. Different ones will be inserted. Eventually, the entire manuscript could very well end up in the comments.Y - Why ??? - Because Ruggi said so, that's why...Z - Z is arbitrary. In the event there are "other remarks" this is where they might be plugged in. As for me. I use Z almost exclusively. But, hey, that's just me.So, did I leave anything out?

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