Saturday, April 4, 2009

"You're Never Too Old to Make a Difference"

With the passage of years come the gifts of wisdom of experience, of respect.

The changing of the seasons assings a deeper purpose to life... a wider sense of its truest meaning.

It teaches through trial and error not just to live for oneself, but for others as well.

It lifts off all past restrictions with the challenge that you can still do everything you want... If you only put your mind to it.

It encourages you to keep your brain active, to keep your thoughts positive. It laughs a lot, plays a lot, love a lot.

As the hands of time tick on... moments become more precious, not because the hours are moving by more quickly, but because you've gained a higher sense of how truly wonderful life is.

We all become different people as we grow older, with different hopes and dreams, goals and achievements, memories and feelings. No one can ever say that, as a person, they are all they can be, for its is then that they have stopped growing from within. We must continue to grow, to dream, to make new memories, and to do whatever gives us peace within ourselves. NEVER MIND IF SOMETIMES PEOPLE LAUGH AT YOU WHEN TRIED TO SHARE WHAT MAKES YOU DIFFERENT.

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