Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"Forever Love"

Love stays when it would be easier to go. Love endures long past the point of lost patience. Love sees past physical imperfections and age to the beautiful heart of a person. Love says I'll stay with you even if your body is ravaged by disease, even though I feel like I might die of wanting to make love under a clear blue sky, but never will because you can't do it with me and I'll never leave.

Love stays past the point of frustration. Love tries again and again and again. Love is patient.

Love isn't infatuation or lust or a fuzzy, feel good thing. It's not comprised of candy coated words, nor does it need endless affirmation. Love can hurt like hell. It can sting. It almost always involves doing the hard thing and not what's easy.

Forever love only happens when two people endure and MAKE IT forever love. It's not something one can fall into or out of. It's something that we create over time, again and again, every time we choose to stay, until eventually the line between us blurs and we're so "one" we can't tell where you end and I begin and the skin on our hands is paper thin and spotted.

©Just Kate


I obviously can't encapsulate "forever love." This is simply how I see it today. ♥

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