Thursday, April 9, 2009

"Love Relationships"

ok...the only way u can have a healthy relationship with someone is if you have a relationship built off the trinity. And in a relationship there is 2 different trinities .

The Father+the son+holyspirit=god
You+ur mate+god= successful relationship

And the bible speaks on if ur not dining with god then ur eating ur supper with the devil. If ur relationship is not built on god. then its built on the devil

And for those who keep on saying that they can change someone from being a hard core such and such. and then wonder why they end up heartbroken. Yawl not realizeing that you are the ones that put yourself in the situation to become hurt, because all the signs was there but you chose to think otherwise.

Thinking you can change someone but when the day ends. You only have pieces of your heart 2 pick up, tears to dry, headaches to ease and problems to forgive.

you see...No offence but ladies yawl need to stop saying every man is dogs, Not all man are bad, and i know a saying it says if you calling your man a dog, that must mean your a bad tamer cause dogs are loyal animals. got to watch what you say.

to some women that try to go to a church find someone. but they get treated by the so called church guy, like they did back when someone that was in the world. and now they blame god! But I'm here to tell you if he did something to you that was that's of the world. then he was not of god... cause gods people are not conformed by this world but are transformed by the renewing of there soul in god. so you cannot blame god for that because god gave you decernment, so again you had the signs, you had the common sense but you just did'nt want to believe what god was trying to show you though desentment because it felt so good to be held. Didn't want to be lonely but now since you didn't listen now you feel lonely, got a broken heart and blaming god for something he tried to help you out of.

all because you thought you can tame someone you call a dog. and no its not just the ladies calling man dogs is the man to calling them Bit***. Thinking that they can disrespect a woman.

YOU SEE HERE IS THE FACT, The biggest question alive right now is why is it when a man finds a good women on top of her game, educated, making money and got a good head on her shoulder, they treat them bad Wrong and disrespectful? Well the truth is a lot of men wants a women that they can fool a lot of men want an ignorant type of girl so that they can easily manipulate them and go have fun without their knowing. but when they try to do it to an female that educated know the rules and the regulations to his game. the man try to use other ways to break into her, he try to get into her physically by beating her touching on her and being violent. making her know that he can do whatever he want and if physical don't work he will go after the mental and use his tongue to break her, make her feel as if she needs him and this and that.

but u see he try to use tongues to control a women and I know it says in the book of james that "the tongue is a fire." it can do something as good as blessing god or it can torment you and devour you emotionally,

but women to play a fair thing but instead they can keep quite and wont let nothing be known and make it seem like everything is okay. you see women can be as sneaky as a snake searching for its prey once they got you figured out is when they move on their attack. men can be the same way at times but mainly females master the style of being sneaky. but when all odd us knowing that he or she usually be running his mouth at the moment talking jibberish. we can see something is wrong that their doing something bad. but since you ain't listening to your disernment you letting your your mate manipulate you.

everyone we got to know what to say and when to say it and know when to talk and what to speak when its time to talk.

Nowadays people are too blunt. Meaning they just say whatever is on there mind without giving them no thought. As long as they know they in control they don't worry about their mates feelings.

now if you been listening, you will see the root to all these problems has beeen one simple word and thats "CONTROL", when one wants to control this, and the other wants to do that their way. Problems begin to get birth, thinking they can enslave someone in their love. If they stopped relying on a whip and start relying on their bible yawl both will still be happy.
looking for who is going to control what, when if you leave the control in gods hand he will let yawl live happily together forever. that's why many relationships are cursed. They let there relation derive on man no they let there relationship deprive on flesh no they let there relationship deprive on themselves but the truth is they let there relationship deprive on sin and the devil. when they can put it in gods hand.

ok i'm going to end this with a quote i made up. which means if you want someone whose good if you want someone into god if you want someone that's gone treat you right you should go to god and god will lead you into that person god has my heart, my mind and my soul then why dont you go to god and he will lead you to me...

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