Monday, February 4, 2008

20 Feng Shui Tips

1. When purchasing land ensure the plot is a rectangle or square as they allow Qi to be distributed evenly. Another shape that is lucky is one that is narrow at the front and widens at the rear.

2. Do not live near factories, power plants or electrical cables.

3. Living near hospitals, respite centers and nursing homes is a constant reminder of illness.

4. Do not buy a terrace or rectangular shaped building that has a swimming pool in the west. Choose one that has a pool in the East and Southwest directions.

5. Make sure that there are no large trees or power poles opposite your front door as they block beneficial Qi entering your home.

6. Stand at your front door looking outward and observe if there are any arrows pointed at your door.

7. Do not have plants that are in poor condition as they represent death.

8. Do not place a mirror opposite your front door as you may invite other people's bad luck into your home.

9. Do not have a blank wall opposite your front door. Decorate the area with inviting furniture and objects.

10. Do not hang Bagua mirrors inside any building as they should only be used externally in extreme cases where there is Sha Qi entering your building.

11. If you have large square pillars in your home soften them by using plants and objects of art.

12. Overhead beams in a home can push down on your personal Qi. Paint them the same colour as the ceiling and cover with flowing material.

13. If you sit at a desk with your back to a window keep the blinds or curtains closed to give the impression that you have a solid wall behind you.

14. Qi will circulate through your home easily if it is neat and clutter free.

15. If the stove is the first thing that you see when you enter your home this is considered bad Feng Shui. A stove has a fire nature, which can be irritating to you. Also seeing a kitchen first may make you think of food.

16. Do not gossip or say negative things about others as these create negative energy around your home.

17. When you move into a new building burn Sandalwood incense as it will clear the environment of negative Sha.

18. When moving into a new home purchase new pillows and bed linen to create sweet dreams.

19. Be compassionate and kind to others as Heaven has eyes and sees all. You will be rewarded for all your efforts.

20. Remember to bring Feng Shui into your life not have Feng Shui be your life.

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