Friday, February 15, 2008

how to select a scent;FOR MEN

Go to the store and spray different types of cologne on a card. Do this if you intend on trying out a bunch of different ones. If you try them all on your arm, by the time you get to the fourth cologne, your arms and wrists will be drenched by the other scents. You won't get a good idea of the right fragrance unless you put each one on different cards or pieces of paper. When the person standing in front of the men's cologne section at the department store is ready to attack you with a bottle of cologne -- ready to spritz and spray you with it -- stand back, and tell them to spray a card instead. That way your wrists remain scent-free.Smell the different cards and evaluate which fragances you like, and which ones smell more like bug repellant.

Start eliminating the ones you really don't like. After having sniffed and smelled all the cologne you are interested in -- or until you feel faint, whichever comes first -- take a breather and walk around the shopping center or outside the store for a while. According to one of my readers, if you sniff coffee between each cologne, you can get the full effect of each scent, since coffee refreshes your sense of smell. So if you're walking around the department store with a cup of

Starbucks, you don't even need to take a break from sniffing.

You want to give your nose a little bit of a rest so that your sense of smell is rejuvenated before returning to the store to make your final purchase.

Once you do go back to the store to make your decision, you can test out how the cologne smells on you. At this point, you shouldn't have as many options since you won't be as bombarded by an array of scents and fragrances, after having already gone through an elimination process.

If you want to be different and create your own fragrance, you can always blend one of the above scents or one of the colognes you already own with a natural scent such as jasmine, vanilla or cinnamon. Not only will you drive women wild (vanilla and cinnamon are known to be
aphrodisiacs ), but it'll also create your own personal fragrance. You can purchase these natural scents at Body Care stores such as The Body Shop.

If you're not much of the cologne type, you can always opt for aftershaves and
scented soaps. These scents will probably not be as potent as actual cologne, but they will still make you smell clean and fresh.Keep in mind that if you work in small quarters such as a small office or cubicle, you may not want to wear such strong, potent scents.

Opt for a citrus or lemon-based scent, and splash on the stronger fragrances for the nights on the town.A change in personal fragrance is a great way to update and modify your style and look.

Remember that like every other change in your style, such as
facial hair, a hairstyle and designer sunglasses, make sure that your cologne matches your personality. With the perfect fragrance, you'll smell success in more ways than one.

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