Friday, February 1, 2008

AIDS that has been a problem to the society,is not really a big deal at all!

The Problem is not the Disease itself,the real problem is the people who have it & aware that they had acquired AIDS & still spreading it.

I'm not convinced to the organizations that are funding the individuals who have AIDS,i don't say it is not right though but why not focus more on prevention,killing its roots will end the problem.

This will not be instant or magic but starting to act now will do a big difference,The cure is so SIMPLE but our society itself who makes things complicated.


HONESTY,if someone who have AIDS can be just honest & selfless they can stop spreading this disease that has been killing many people for so long & for what???LUST, sense at all.

AIDS victims should see this as a blessing instead of a tragedy,to know that you are dying why not use your days protecting people for acquiring,so you can leave a legacy when you die.

You don't need to be appreciated by the whole world to make a difference to other people lives,knowing that you had changed even a single persons life to be better is one thing you can be proud of,or by not just spreading already a big sacrifice you can do to your loved ones & to your country.

Be a hero & save other lives.Have the courage & be brave to face your fears.

Don't be ashamed for having AIDS,what is to be ashamed of is those who know that they are infected & keep spreading it.

Why look at it like it's the end of the world why not use it as an oppurtunity to open the eyes of the society.If you have done something meaningful you would not be thinking so much with your disease & you will be living the rest of your days happy & worthy!

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