Wednesday, February 27, 2008

How to Keep Out Insectsor Pests

Here are non-toxic ways to keep out insects from your home:

Ants - sprinkle red chili powder,borax, or died peppermint where you see them coming in. Plant mint by the backand front doors of your house to help keep them out.

Cockroaches - mix equal parts of bakingsoda and powdered sugar, and spread it around the infested area. They can alsobe controlled with common boric acid powder sprinkled around baseboards, undersinks, etc. Do not use in places accessible to children and pets. Garlic isanother natural pest-repellent; you can grow it in your garden to keep harmfulbugs away or mix it in your blender with a mild soapy liquid and use as aspray.

Fleas - feed your pets nutritional orbrewer's yeast. The vitamin B supposedly makes them immune. Dips and sprayscontaining delimonine gas derived from citrus extracts safely repel fleas andother pests, as do spray reprellents from cedar wood, eucalyptus and bayleaves.

Flies - Hang clusters of cloves inyour rooms. Leave crushed orange or lemon skins in strategic places; the citrusoil repels flies and other insects.

Mosquitoes - burn oil of citronella rings.Grow garlic, marigolds, and nay flowers that attract birds who eat mosquitoes.Spray with pyrethrin. Don't use electronic zappers; they attract and killbeneficial insects but not mosquitoes.

Rats - the best is still the cat.Don't leave food in the open. Stuff up their entry holes with steel wool. Usemechanical traps, but beware of poisoned bait. One of the most effectivenontoxic safeguards against rats is still the cat.

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