Saturday, February 2, 2008

Love Fades Away Without a Shared Vision

If you want to be fully successful it's important to know how to choose the right girl (or boy) to marry. Here I present you one tip about.

You must be aware of one thing: "relationships that has been built on any other thing that is not a common vision of life or a shared vision of life won't last or will be tasteless and you will get tired of it soon". It goes beyond love only. Love has intensity but a shared vision has duration (this lasts all your life). If you want to enjoy the relationship and save many problems, like infidelity, it's necesary to have it present.

There has been many cases you've heard of in which the husband leaves his wife when he gets more money (better businesses, more "success") and replaces her for a younger and prettier woman. What went wrong? It wouldn't have happened if she had shared with him a common vision about their lifes. He ever wanted to be successful, but when young needed a woman by his side too. He ever knew she wasn't the indicated, who could understood him fully, but he didn't want to remain alone the rest of his life. (Well, he could have waited some years more).
What attracted her to him was his incipient success (probably money), she ever knew it but never went far beyond to understand his lonely soul. Disloyalty starts then. As there's no spark between them, they want to find seasonal affaires.

So far you can't deny it: it's important to share a vision when you get married. If your husband is an entrepreneur businessman never fight against their beliefs like many people could do. If you don't understand him fully, my advice is "search for common guy".

Many marriages or relationships are successful because they both share a common vision. No matter if it's not an "ambitious" vision, what matters is aiming for the same things in life. Living the rest of your days with a person who goes through the same experiences is just priceless.

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