Saturday, February 2, 2008

Speak & Stand up for what you want

Our life is what we make out of it!Maybe people have different situations & status in the society but i believe that we have the power to make it better.If you realized that you are in a situation you don't want to be involved in the first place,everyone of us have a choice to enhance our lives.

You should find within yourself what you truly want,Ask yourself if you are contented & happy with what's happening in your life?

E.g. A 32 yr old woman who has been working in a government office as a clerk for 10yrs.,who keeps complaining about her work that she is tired with her usual routine but all she does is to complain with her situation but not doing a anything to change her situation by taking action.Why won't she just resign her present job so she can find a better one even if she have still no assurance what will be her next job after her resignation the point is she have the guts to leave her previous job bec. she want changed,being afraid to look for the unknown or scared to step up with no definite destinaton what's holding most of us to move forward leaving us trapped in a situation that we are not satisfied anymore bec. we cannot feel the fullfilment that is missing inside us.

If you wanted something you should act to make things better.If someone complains about his/her situation,acting like a victim bec. he/she is living in miseries,i think the problem is them who can not let go or afraid to move on to find what will make them happy.It might be not easy or painful at the start but what is more painful?ending your miseries or being trapped in a situation your whole life.Just taking all the pain that you are afraid to turn your back to.

If we really want to experience change we should be willing to sacrifice what we have in the present.

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