Saturday, July 11, 2009

Everything Happens For a Reason

It's taken me forever but I've finally found something to discuss, something I'm learning all over again. The topic I'm talking about is Fate.

It's amazing with how fast things for you can change for the worst or the best. Some people believe that they make their own fates and some believe that their fate's are already set in stone. I personally believe in both. Life can be so damaging sometimes, bringing you down to your lowest of lows, or it can bring you light and things will be outstanding for you, and it feels like the world spins in the palm of your hands.

Last year I probably had the best life, and nothing went wrong, everything was perfectly in place, and the world was my playground, and my happiness overflowed, but suddenly it started going down hill, and it completely caught me off guard, and I had no idea what to do or how to fix things, I unfortunately had to take this long winding roller coaster of hell to the point at which I stand now.

Although this whole time I've been positive about things, and looked at the best in everything around me, life has been a drag for me. Every point I'd turn something would go wrong, and it was something that was impossible for me to fix. Within this short amount of time I've lost 2 good friends by the hands of death, and I've become a bit distant from my family, and I've been jobless all because I was accused for something I had nothing to do with, and with the effects of the economy it's been near impossible to find anywhere that's actually even doing any sort of hiring. So here I am in this big world with no doors opened for my benefit, and a bit stressed at that. It's like fate completely turned the table for me.
As I said though I've been completely positive about everything, and I've looked at everything as if it were nothing but a small rough patch that I'll soon pass, and thankfully I finally have passed it all, and I'm back in my safe zone for now, and I finally realize that I had to go through all of those things in order to find out just a little bit more of who I really am, and where I stand in my life. I also realize that being positive was the best thing that I could possibly do, because fate had no intention of leaving me in the hole that was dug for me. I truly believe I had to get through all of those things before fate would let me breathe again, and before it would give me some of its most amazing gifts.

Fate has taught me that life can be rough at times, and that's when you've got to be at your strongest, because it's testing you, and humbling you for great things that are coming your way in the future, and until you're strong, fate will leave you in the spot that you're standing in, and absolutely nothing will change that. Whatever happens, happens for a reason, and although it's hard you have to accept it, and you have to let it be your past, because it'll cloud your future, and bring nothing but sorrow to your heart. My message to everyone is that you're exactly where you're supposed to be, and bad or good, you've got to make the best out of it, and live for you and always keep love in your heart, because without it you'll grow cold towards the world, and the universe, and your life will be so miserable, and things will fail, so don't ever give up! Stay Strong!

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