Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"Lessons In Love"


Wondering where her life has gone

Was it shattered, useless, empty, wrong?

Now forcing herself to journey on

Through test and fault that seem so long

She doesn't feel this thing called love

And when life comes to push and shove

She'll continue to pray to the Heavens above

While she clings to that which she dreams of

Remembering to walk carefully the line that is thin

Ridding herself of this chaos she's in

Learning to live happily in her own skin

And facing the emptiness that dwells deep within

To live out her dream now, like never before

Taking with her a concept of what this life is for

Searching for meaning; for something much more

Further she swims out away from the shore

She has a faith that will not be shaken

A hope within that cannot be taken

Her soul exhales, must now awaken

So much to gain, so much at stake and...

Though many tears will fall that day

As she musters the courage to walk away

She will not take with her vile dismay

Just lessons learned in love, I pray

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