Monday, July 27, 2009

Usually when we discover a skin mole we try to learn how it got there and whether or not it is a birthmark or if it might perhaps be malignant. What most of us don't stop to think about is whether or not it may mean something more. Did you know that in the Chinese civilization the individuals study how to read these moles?

This is an art for them and depending on where the moles are situated on your body it may mean several various things. We are here to show you just what these moles could mean and how they can show off the type of person you are and the kind of life you are going to have.


When the mole is on the middle of the chest it is a signal that you are the kind of individual that has dreams and an ambition to succeed in life. This is the same for both women and men. If it is right beneath the chest - but still in the center then it is a sign that you are someone who has a kind heart and is very generous.


When they are located on the inner side of the wrist this usually means a couple of distinct things that will count on if you are a man or a woman. When settled on a man it means that you will have problems trying to keep the money that you will earn. The more money you earn the more you will be forced to spend.

On women this has a similar meaning. It implies that she is in all likelihood to spend large amounts of money then what she is able to afford and she has an unstable personality. When the mole is placed on the outer side of the wrist it means men will have a love life that is unstable. Women on the other hand will have a close friend that will deceive them and distribute gossip about them.


When you are reading skin moles that are on the center of your back this is a signal that men and women will have a challenging time trying to keep their jobs. Unfortunately it also means that they will experience a series of bad luck.

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