Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Be Brave

~This woman is frought with warring emotions, laced with a multitude of contradictions..She is steady in all things, straight on..whether it be the hand that rocks the cradle, presses up close to her man of sits down to hold the hand of a friend in need of a friend..or simply to sit down and go to war with balancing the checkbook..her determination makes it balance..She stays focused even while losing control..

She will smile even when she is upset because she knows she is free to let go and go where no one else is brave enough to go or let you see her tears or witness her pain when she does...These things are hers alone and she is careful who ever will see or know the full extent of them..Most will be driven away by the sight of her own undoing..yet they will know that as sure as she breathes or lives, so must she come undone now and then..

This is a woman who is fierce in her relationships..who will often give so much more than she receives and doesn't mind..who sits in the dark of midnight and mulls over all she might have done better that day..

She will fight to the death protecting her loved ones and her friends..and believes a stranger is a friend you simply haven't met yet..and so hopes and keeps trying..Her pain is private..she grieves in silence and screams it out when it threatens to take the rest of who she is away for all time..hoping for a savior on a nearby ship to throw out a life preserver..blowing kisses of IOU on the wind back to them..

This is a woman..who never stops trying, never will..inside where it counts she has the proof that it is all worthwhile..every single moment~

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