Monday, July 27, 2009

I've learned alot in my life, I've learned about good and bad, I've been taught to treat others how you would like to be treated, to live life to the fullest, be slow to anger, be careful what you say because your words are your strongest weapon, but If there is one thing I've learned the most from living this life is its tough, there's going to be hard times, but then there are the times that take your breath away, times you smile more than usual, laugh more and even at times cry more, moments where you feel as though you could fly, living like there is no tomorrow, not a worry in the world, at times when your heart beats 100 times faster than usual, these are the moments you live for, the moments you will never forget, never let go.

But then there are times when these moments seem to be slipping away, your dreams seem to disappear, you would rather die than take another step, another breath, your smile fades away, your laugh hides behind emptiness, it feels as though your literally dieing inside, you fade into the darkness of reality that your falling apart.

But just as you feel everything is slipping at your fingertips something happens you never really expected, people talk to you, friends, family, or ev
en people you barely know, they say something that changes how you feel, they do something unexpected, it could be as small as saying something like, "im praying for you" or "you are loved" maybe even just buying your favorite cereal, and then there are the people who talk to you everyday and make sure your doing better, even when they know its going to be hard to make you smile, they dont stop talking to you until they KNOW your feeling a little bit happier, they know what to say to make everything better, they make you talk because they know yourll feel better if you talk about it, they pick you up off the ground and brush the dirt off your back and make sure there are no broken pieces left, they tell you someone is out there created just for you, these people stay with you until the end.

These are the people everyone needs in there life, everyone needs a little bit of help every once in a while, everyone needs a hug sometimes, we all need someone strong enough to lean on, someone who is there for us whenever we need them, we need a smile, a random compliment, we all need someone who loves us, who cares for us, someone who loves us for everything we are.

So heres my thought.

When you find someone who takes your breath away, who makes you smile, someone who loves you unconditionally, who makes you feel as though you could walk on water, i want you to hold on to them and never let go, never give up, never fade away, go after them if they walk, hold them just a little bit longer. This person can be a girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse, it could be anyone, your brother, sister, mom, dad, and many others, dont let them go, tell them how much you appriciate them, because these are the people who will never leave you, they are the reason for living, so wouldnt YOU like to be THAT person? be that person who helps someone, be the one who just talks and makes sure they are ok, stay up just a little bit longer with them, even when you have to get up early the next day, be the one to wipe that last tear from his/her eye, be there until the end, be the one who changes someones life today!

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