Wednesday, December 24, 2008

About Loyalty

On the far skyline' shoulder, the pale drunk morning's sun was watching the toyed people, and on one of the flourished roofs on the eye-sight, a little boy sat , and with his small grateful eyes , he started meditating a flock of doves..
A flock of doves, which their neighbor's half time was devoted for them.
The little boy started to look at his pale neighbor, and a million of questions were jumping in his small head.
"What is the secret of that relation between him and the doves?"
"Is it possible that he understands their language?"
"Could there be any kind of relation between them?"
And he sank into the questions that knocking his head gate.
He knew that the pale neighbor lives in a very small room with his Fat wife.
He remembered that he heard his mom once gossiping with her friend:
-They eat once each two days.
-A stupid man he is, they say that if he sells the doves he has, he will be managed to buy a small car that helps him to make a good income.
-I know… they offered him that a lot, but he keeps refusing
And saying, "God will be in my side"
- O shame! How can his wife endure him! If I were her I would stay no more with him.
The sound of a salesman in the road, was too loud not to cut his ideas series, he looked at a few ants were trying to drag a dead fly.
The memory of the little boy took him back again into a dark night when he heard a conversation between his neighbor and his fat wife, they where talking about their bad state:

- Look I can endure not this damn situation anymore.
- Be patient woman!
- But patience has limits.
- If there were limits for patience, then it would be not patience, hence it would be but a surrender..
- Name it as you wish, I tell you now, I surrender!
- God will be with us, God forgets but none.
- But you forgot him, so how supposed he to remember you?!
- He will remember me because he is the God, and God never forget anybody, even if I forget him, he is the God he is the God, and God is so merciful..
- O! you fortune fool, But you have the solution, and you help not your self.
- Doves again!!! Didn't I say "God is the Merciful?!"
- Look! God is the Merciful when you Mercy yourself.
- I will make it not long discussion; I will not drop my doves even if I have to drop you.

In the next day' night the pale neighbor's fat wife went back not to his home.
The little boy still remembers the gossip that happened between his mom and her friend about the fat wife disappearance.
The neighbor said:

- I know from the beginning that she is a whore.
- God damn her.
- They say that she escaped with another man.
- God damn her, is it possible that she escaped with another man that simply …
- Tis but the end, there is no more Loyalty in this life.
- She had to be patient; if I were her I would still patient till the last moment.
- I think that the Demon controlled her.
- A Demon …. Huh … she is a whore since her birth.

By the pass of time that gossip never left the memory of the little boy, he was always wondering:
Is it possible that God Create people as whores since their birth, to punish them at the last!! He just can punish them without making them have that experience and life..
So there must be a goal of making them undergo the life.. Truly there must be a goal, but what is it?!
He said:
"I think that life is a break before God punishes us.
Yes life is but a break.
In this case God made life to make us happy before he punishes us at the last.
What a God!!
Oh this means that our neighbor understood the reality of life.
Our Fat neighbor!! Oh she did the right thing!
What a smart fat neighbor!"
The boy remembered that their neighbor after the escape of his fat wife, started to spend all his time with his doves.
And he remembered that he was getting paler as well.
The sound of the doves when they rushed toward the seeds cut the boy thinking.
He started to look at the doves again.
And the loop of questions was rising again:
"Why he does not escape with another woman?!
But why he supposed to escape?
Form whom?!
To whom?!"
The little boy cut his thinking with his sentence:
"Anyway he prefers to live with doves than any other woman,
At least they are so loyal to him. They never escape.
Yes they are more loyal."
The little boy thought the soul of the pale soul and the soul of the doves were mixed together to be a great part of that roofs,
He was convinced that the doves are more loyal than his neighbor fat wife; at least they never escape with another man. They never complain.
The little boy stood on his feet, and started to look with grateful eyes at the doves, and there neighbor kept on throwing the seeds to them!!
But suddenly, the pale neighbor fell to the ground above the seeds. And the good-hearted doves followed him and started to speak him making strange voices.
The little boy cried and uttered:
"They are crying over him and trying to drag him out of the Death."
Yes because he is their friend since the roofs where existed.
They never betrayed him they are so loyal.
What a great doves, and after a few minutes, the doves flight away, at that moment he understood everything; they were not gathered for him, But for the seeds, it is their loyalty secret..
Yes tis the secret of their loyalty for that roof and that pale.
Even the doves,
Even the doves,
God damn them... These selfish creatures..
Since that day the little boy, Became little no more...

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